Alaska Native Corporations in the World Economy

KSKA: Tuesday, Jan. 03, at 2:00 p.m. On the next Addressing Alaskans we'll hear from a panel discussion on Alaskan Native Corporations and their affect on the word Economy. This panel featured the CEOs of several companies speaking about what their companies are doing for the economies of Alaska, the United States and the world. LISTEN NOW

Middle East Myth or Reality: Separating Fact from Fiction

On this week’s program we have “Middle East Myth or Reality: Separating Fact from Fiction” presented by the Alaska World Affairs Council. This conversation features John Moore, a 20-year veteran of public, private, and non-profit organizations throughout the Islamic world, and Lt. Col. Ty Moore – no relation – who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The two speakers offer their insight into the Middle East and take questions from the audience. Thanks for listening!

Journey of a Reentrant

KSKA: Tuesday, September 12, at 2:00 p.m. In Alaska, two out of three people who are released from prison end up going back in. The impacts of recidivism go beyond just the former prisoner to their families and the entire community. During the One Course Discourse discussion at Bear Tooth Theatre in Anchorage, the DOC worked with a group of community partners to share their stories of successful reentry and how the community can support people as they exit prison. LISTEN HERE

The Housing Continuum: Building a vibrant community Part 2

This is the second discussion of a three-part series called “The Housing Continuum: Building a Vibrant Community,” presented by Alaska Common Ground. This week, we’ll hear about the difficulties of addressing Anchorage’s housing needs. Thanks for listening!

Addressing Alaskans: Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s 2023 three-year outlook

On this episode of Addressing Alaskans we hear how the Anchorage economy has been progressing and what issues lie ahead. This program features the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s three-year outlook luncheon. It covers topics including population, employment, and other local industries. Speakers include Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, AEDC president and CEO Bill Popp, and keynote speaker Mick Cornett, a four-term Mayor of Oklahoma City.

Addressing Alaskans: Stopping Global Warming, Signs of Hope

Often the fact that Alaska's temperatures are increasing at an alarming rate and the ice is melting can seem daunting, but Dr. Robert K....

The Business Case for Green Building in Alaska

Jerry Yudelson has written more green building books than anyone. A professional engineer and green building consultant, Yudelson gave the keynote address at the Business of Green Energy in Alaska conference hosted by Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) on April 28.

Addressing Alaskans: Latitude Attitude

Maurer's home in Naramata, BC has received numerous awards for architecture and sustainable design. Born in Germany, Florian Maurer has practiced architecture in White Horse,...

Addressing Alaskans: "Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World's Stolen Treasures"

Former F.B.I. special agent Robert Wittman has recovered more than $225 million worth of stolen art and cultural property resulting in the prosecution and...

Learn about these organizations working to support local, sustainable food systems

As part of their series examining Anchorage’s Climate Action Plan, Alaska Common Ground hosted a diverse panel featuring growers, hunters, educators and advocates who want to improve Anchorage and Alaska's food system.
Polling place at City Hall in downtown Anchorage.

Should Alaska consider ranked choice voting? Hear a debate about Ballot Measure 2

This week on Addressing Alaskans we hear a debate about Ballot Measure 2 and we balance out some arguments from a previous Addressing Alaskans regarding Ballot Measure 1.
Voters mark their ballots in a long hallway

Can’t decide on Ballot Measure 2? Listen to this debate about the future of Alaska’s elections

This week on Addressing Alaskans we're hearing a debate about Ballot Measure 2, regarding ranked-choice voting and campaign finance disclosures. Proponents say Alaskans need more options and transparency in their elections. Opponents say the initiative would make voting unnecessarily complicated.

Addressing Alaskans: Hear the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s 2022 three-year outlook

This week on Addressing Alaskans we'll hear how the Anchorage economy has been progressing and what issues lie ahead. Speakers include AEDC President and CEO Bill Popp, Mayor Dave Bronson and University of Alaska President Pat Pitney.

Addressing Alaskans: Planning to Keep Big, Wild Life in Anchorage

Anchorage neighborhood moose scavenging for some McDonalds scraps. Photo by Kristin Spack Wildlife biologist, Rick Sinnott has been studying and interacting with Anchorage moose, bears,...

Addressing Alaskans: Living With Urban Wildlife – Can We Coexist?

Photo courtesy of Larry Lewis, Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Most Alaskans agree they like seeing moose and even bears in their neighborhoods,...

Addressing Alaskans: Both sides of Ballot Measure 1

Creators of the initiative are calling it the “Anti-Corruption Act.” Meanwhile opponents of Proposition 1 have dubbed it the “Alaska Gag Law.” No matter...

Can America and The Muslim World Be Friends?

In his 2006 novel The Order of Light where young Muslims light themselves on fire to protest the authoritarian reality of the Middle East, author Haroon Mohgul says he predicted the Arab Spring. At the Alaska World Affairs Council on April 6, Mohgul discussed the the Muslim world's relationship with the West over the years asking audiences to consider, "Can America and the Muslim World Be Friends?" Listen on Addressing Alaskans. KSKA: Thursday 4/12 at 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

LISTEN: Anchorage Economic Development Corporation present 2021 three-year outlook

Learn how Anchorage's economy is performing after taking a hit in 2020 and where the trends are headed.

Schedule Update: Thanksgiving Programming

'Tis the the season for gathering, feasting, relaxing and holiday programming on KSKA. During the month of November, many of KSKA's local programs heard...

Anchorage Chamber: The Dollars and Sense of Sportfishing in Alaska

Alaska is one of the great meccas of the world for sportfishing. Over the years, Alaska's diverse sportfishing opportunities have largely contributed  to Alaska's...