A Closer Look

Airing periodically, this half-hour program gives us the opportunity to explore beyond our news stories and offer you additional insights into the events and people helping shape our community. Listen to expanded interviews and in-depth coverage from recently broadcast news stories.

A Closer Look: Rod Perry

As this year's Iditarod draws to a close, top dog drivers are moving as fast as they can to Nome. But Rod Perry...

A Closer Look: Ballot Measure 2

On August 24th, Alaska voters will decide the fate of Ballot Measure Two, which requires parental or guardian notification or a special court waiving...

Superintendent Comeau Addresses Chamber and Fields Questions

On this edition of A Closer Look KSKA presents a profile of the Anchorage School District as presented by its superintendent, Carol Comeau. The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce had invited Superintendent Comeau to describe the district's overall status and what influences were likely to impact the 2011-2012 school term. KSKA: Monday 9/5 at 1:00 pm and Saturday 9/10 at 5:30 pm

A Closer Look: Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA

Dr. Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, spent a week in Alaska recently to gather information and input on the...

Alaska Cultural Connections: Historical Trauma

Many rural Alaskan communities are trying to revive their cultures and languages. But some mental health experts say that in order to revitalize their communities and their families, they first have to acknowledge and heal from the pains of the past. APRN’s Anne Hillman learned about historical trauma as part of an on-going series looking at Culture in Alaska. Download Audio
Allison Warden

Alaska’s Cultural Connections: Allison Warden

Allison Warden is an Inupiaq performance artist and rapper, whose passion is helping young people explore their own culture… and find their voices and their place in the world. She doesn’t pretend to speak for all Inupiaq – she says they’re not all as weird as she is. KSKA: Monday, 6/17 at 1:00 & 8:00pm

A Closer Look: Anchorage Spring Ballot Propositions

On this edition of KSKA's A Closer Look, we examine the major propositions on the April 6th, Anchorage municipal ballot. Four involve capital projects...

Alaska Cultural Connections: Adoption

As part of an on-going series on Alaska’s cultural connections, we’re taking A Closer Look at cross-cultural adoption. Last winter, Anchorage resident Sarah Gonzales and her husband adopted a beautiful healthy baby boy; they met him when he was one day old at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. She shares her thoughts about how to integrate his birth culture in their family life. Download Audio

A Closer Look: Ballot Measure #1

On this week's A Closer Look, KSKA focused on Ballot Measure One which will appear on the August 24th state primary ballot. ...

Title 21: The Future Face of Anchorage

Mon., Aug. 1 at 1:00 pm and Sat. Aug. 6 at 6:30 pm Title 21, it's sweeping; it's controversial; and often it's confusing. For nearly 10 years Anchorage has grappled with rewriting Title 21, the municipality's land use code, but for many its details remain hazy. Join us for an on-going series on the project Mondays at 1:00 pm on A Closer Look, starting August 1.

The Great Alaska Earthquake: 50 Years Later

This week, Alaska commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Great Alaska Earthquake. The calamity destroyed whole towns, took lives and still stands as the largest earthquake to ever rock North America. KSKA will take a look at how one Alaska Community, Seward, rose to the challenge of rebuilding after the quake and seven tidal waves flattened most of the town. That's on A Closer Look, on KSKA . KSKA: Tuesday, March 25, at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Listen now:

A Closer Look: Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center at the Anchorage Museum

Photo by Chuck Choi. This afternoon on A Closer Look, we'll take an audio tour of the Anchorage Museum's new Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center that...

A Closer Look: Hanukkah celebration

A Closer Look is a half hour program on KSKA that gives us the opportunity to explore beyond our news stories and offer you...

A Closer Look: Providence's Senior Medicare Clinic

Quietly and so far without the fanfare of the dedication ceremony, the long awaited Senior Care Center opened at the Providence Health and Services...

A Closer Look: Macon Roberts

Photo by Zen Naylor, The Northern Light On this week's A Closer Look, we present the story of an Anchorage School Board member Macon Roberts...

A Closer Look: Social Security Commissioner, Michael Astrue

The Social Security administrative appeals process represents one of the largest judicial systems in the world. Most of the millions of disability benefits...

A Closer Look: Dr. Ted Mala

Tuesday afternoon on KSKA, A Closer Look features an Alaska Native physician who specializes in bridge building. First Dr. Ted Mala surmounted national...

A Closer Look: Tides – The Science and Spirit of the Ocean

Today's program features a discussion with mariner, surfer and author, Jonathan White about his book Tides-The Science and Spirit of the Ocean. White spent ten years researching tides and the global effects of tidal action after his boat nearly sank in Alaska. Listen now

Alaska’s New Crime Lab

Double click photo for captions or to enlarge. Monday, Aug. 22 @ 1:00 pm & Saturday Aug. 27 at 6:30 pm The Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory is located in Anchorage, but its mission is to serve police departments and trooper stations across the state. On A Closer Look, KSKA’ s Len Anderson takes us on an audio tour of the new state Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory under construction and set for completion in June, 2012.

A Closer Look: Alaskan Authors

Alaskan writers have been busy this year and two local favorites have new books out. On Tuesday, June 15's A Closer Look, Haines Author Heather Lende writes...