Flood Warning Along Talkeetna River

Flood warnings are in effect until 4:00 pm this (Monday) afternoon for rivers and streams in the western Talkeeta Mountains and for rivers that cross the Parks Highway.

Rains Pummel Anchorage; Minor Flooding Reported

The National Weather Service said Anchorage and the surrounding area could expect rain throughout Sunday and the area should still be prepared for strong...

Flood Warning: Prince William Sound

The NWS Anchorage has issued a flood warning for Southeast Prince William Sound, including Cordova, Eyak River, Eyak Lake until 4:00 PM AKDT Thursday.

Southcentral Windstorm: NOAA Saturday Update

Strong winds and heavy rains for Southcentral Alaska... a storm of considerable size and strength for fall will impact the southern mainland this weekend with strong winds and heavy rains. the low is forming over the north pacific and is expected to strengthen as it tracks north across the Alaska peninsula Saturday afternoon...

Western Alaska Residents Receive State Assistance For Storm Repairs

The Bering Sea in November brought a series of storms affecting coastal communities from the Aleutians to Northwest Alaska. Some YK Delta villages clocked winds of close to 100 miles an hour. Now, the State is reaching out to residents with grant money to help them pay for some of the damages.

Government Sending Crews to Survey Storm Damage

The State and Federal governments are dispatching crews to Western Alaska to survey damage from last week’s storm. They will first report to the Governor, who has the option to declare a disaster and activate the state’s disaster assistance programs.

Teller Man Missing After Storm

State troopers and search and rescue personal are looking for a man missing in Teller. Trooper Ann Sears says 26 year-old Kyle Kohmok was last seen on a yellow 4 wheeler around 4 p.m. yesterday.

Communities Relieved As Storm Subsides

Two sentiments being expressed from coastal communities after the storm and ocean surges have subsided are relief and the importance of being prepared and organized.

Shaktoolik Returning to Normal

North of Unalakleet, the village of Shaktoolik appears to have weathered the storm well. Shaktoolik Mayor Eugene Asicksik heads the emergency command center there. He says in the village things are returning to normal.

New Storm Heading for Southwest Alaska

Another storm is brewing for Southwest Alaska. It comes on the heels of damaging strong winds experienced over the last two days.

Big Storm Moves Off Coast, Smaller One Moving In

The Bering sea storm hammering Alaska's western coast has moved off toward Russia, but Don Moore with the National Weather Service says a smaller storm is rotating around it.

Western Alaska Villages Dealing With Rising Water

Communities on Alaska's west coast are still being battered by a huge storm. The national weather service says the intensity of the storm can be compared to a category 3 hurricane. Wind gusts up to almost 90 miles per hour were recorded in some communities over night. Now, villages are dealing with rising water.

Few Power Outages Reported During Storm

The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative is reporting few outages after Tuesday night's storm. Meera Kohler is the President and CEO of AVEC, she says there is a power outage currently in Tununak.

As Storm Lashes West, Edgecumbe Students Call Home

The storm isn’t over, but the worst appears to have passed for many communities along Alaska’s west coast. A monster storm packing hurricane force winds and high seas came out of the Bering Sea this week, causing places from Unalakleet to Point Hope to brace for the worst.

Rebecca Irene Safe After Storm

After weathering a stormy night, the fishing vessel Rebecca Irene is on its way back to Unalaska. The 140-foot catcher-processor lost power in one engine on Tuesday morning, leaving it stranded in open ocean as the massive weather front hitting western Alaska moved in.

Nome Experiences Minor Coastal Flooding Overnight

The worst of the high winds and snow have diminished in western Alaska but the storm isn't over. The National Weather Service is expecting storm surges to begin affecting communities this afternoon, which could cause flooding. Jerry Steiger is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Nome. He says the community had minor coastal flooding overnight, and some structures sustained wind damage.

Northwest Alaska in Danger of Storm Surge, Flooding

The worst of the Bering Sea storm is not over. At least for the Northwest part of the state, says the National Weather Service. Meteorologist Don Moore, says the danger now is storm surge and flooding.