Postcards from Tomorrow Square

China experts James and Deborah Fallows visited the University of Alaska Anchorage on November 12th. This week on Addressing Alaskans, listening to their evening presentation at the Wendy Williamson. Deborah offers opening remarks on learning the Chinese language and the meaning of love, followed by her husband, national correspondent for The Atlantic, James Fallows. His talk focuses on his book Postcards from Tomorrow Square, Reports from China. KSKA: Thursday 12/6 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

AWAC Presents: Dr. William Meinecke

SPEAKER: William Meinecke, Ph.D., United States Holocaust Museum Historian TOPIC: "Conversation with William Meinecke, PhD, United States Holocaust Museum Memorial historian. Moderated by David...

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of The Republic of Iceland was recorded at the Alaska World Affairs Council on Monday June 20, speaking on “The Global Crisis and the Future of the North: Lessons from Iceland.”

The EU’s Role as an International Actor: TTIP & Beyond

Featuring Maciej Pisarski, deputy chief of mission, Polish embassy in Washington, D.C., and Dr. Philipp Ackermann, minister and deputy chief of mission, German embassy in Washington, D.C. Listen Now:

AWAC Presents: Julius Strauss

Former foreign correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, Julius Strauss has intimate knowledge of the Balkans and its ethnic, religious and national tensions. Strauss first...

AWAC Presents: Bill Taylor

The former Citicorp vice president insisted the audience decide the topics for his discussion, titled "50 years Traveling the International Finance Highway with a...

Beyond Earth – talking about space travel

KSKA: Tuesday, March 07, at 2:00 p.m. This week we’re learning more about space travel and planetary colonization. Charles Wohlforth discusses his new book, Beyond Earth, and answers questions about humanity and its potential for reaching new worlds. LISTEN NOW

Dr. Radwan Ziadeh on “Syria: From Struggle for Freedom to Humanitarian Crisis”

Dr. Radwan Ziadeh is the founder and director of the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies in Syria and co-founder and executive director of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Washington, D.C. He is the managing editor of the Transitional Justice in the Arab World Project. He is also a member of the Syrian National Preparatory committee for Transitional Justice. Listen now:

AWAC Presents: Hsiu-lien Annette Lu

RECORDED: July 6, 2010 SPEAKER: Hsiu-lien Annette Lu, Former Vice President, R.O.C. (Taiwan) TOPIC: "Perspective on Asia-Pacific Development" ABOUT: Alaska World Affairs Council Presents is...

Competing Visions for Palestine

Hussein Ibish, Senior Research Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine was recorded at the Alaska World Affairs Council on August 26, speaking on "Competing Visions for Palestine."

Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition

President & Founder, Goldwyn Global Strategies, David Goldwyn was recorded speaking on "Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition" at the Alaska World Affairs Council on October 18, 2013. Listen Now

Health: Is It an Personal, Public or Social Issue?

Dr. Jay Butler of Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium was recorded speaking on "Health: Is It an Personal, Public or Social Issue?" at the Alaska World Affairs Council on November 22, 2013. Listen Now

AWAC Presents: Dr. Timothy Thomas

RECORDED: Friday December 4, 2009 SPEAKER: Dr. Timothy Thomas, epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Alaska TOPIC: “The HIV situation in Kenya: Epidemiology and Interventions” About Alaska...

AWAC Presents: Eva Nowotny

What can the United States learn from the European Union? "Create unity out of diversity." Describing the  EU's strategic slogan, Eva Nowotny says, "Leave...

AWAC Presents: Dr. Jan Agosti, Gates Foundation

Anchorage grown, Dr. Jan Agosti returns home to talk about Global Health and the Gates Foundation Approach to Global Health Inequity. As Senior Program...

King Harald V of Norway

King Harald V of Norway addresses the Alaska World Affairs Council alongside a panel of Arctic experts, including Craig Fleener, Fran Ulmer and Borge Ousland. KSKA: Tuesday, June 2, at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Listen now:

AWAC Presents: Jonathan Adelman

RECORDED: Friday April 2, 2010 SPEAKER: Jonathan Adelman, Professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver TOPIC: "The...

AWAC Presents: Dr. Jim Murphy, Rasmusson Chair of Economics

Dr. Jim Murphy comes to Alaska and the University of Alaska Anchorage from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he has taught and...

AWAC Presents: Barry Blechman

SPEAKER: Barry Blechman, Ph.D., Co-Founder of the Stimson Cener TOPIC: "Stopping Iran's Quest for Nuclear Weapons" RECORDED: Wednesday March 23, 2011 ABOUT: Alaska World Affairs...

AWAC Presents: David Rubenstein, The Carlyle Group

Before co-founding The Carlyle Group, one of the world's largest private equity firms, David Rubenstein served in the White House during the Carter Administration...