A gray-white wolf looks toward the camera from a snowy background.

Death of Alaska Zoo’s lone wolf, Windy, signals end to resident wolf pack’s reign

Windy was a gray female who came to the zoo in Anchorage in 2006, one of a half-dozen pups the Alaska Department of Fish and Game took from a predator control zone, where wolves were being hunted and trapped.
A man works on building a Sugpiaq Alutiiq Kayak and includes historical image of kayak

How kayaks (qayaqs) are rejuvenating Alaskan Sugpiaq culture | INDIE ALASKA

Jonathon Sawden normally works in HR, but sees an importance to tell the world that his people, the Sugpiaq (Sookh-pee-ahk) and other Native peoples are still here. Here, Jonathon and another young apprentice artist are working together with a Master Kayak builder to learn the techniques to build traditional boats and be the next generation to keep the craft and culture alive.

Deep pockets aid Murkowski with attack ads on Tshibaka

Billionaire hedge fund founder gave $1.5 million to Alaskans for L.I.S.A., an independent PAC.
U.S. Senate candidate, Republican Kelly Tshibaka, pumps her fist in the air while standing next to former President Donald Trump, standing in front of a crowd

Trump rallies his Alaska faithful against Murkowski, for Tshibaka and Palin

Donald Trump fulfilled a pledge to punish Sen. Murkowski for her vote to impeach him.
A woman performs a break dancing move

Will this Alaskan be the first U.S. Olympic breakdancer in 2024? | INDIE ALASKA

Bri “Snap1” Pritchard is a b-girl from Anchorage who has competed and won breaking competitions across the country. She may be one of the first Olympic breakdancers.
A group of people packing medical supplies into red boxes

State to put opioid emergency kits in seafood plants and harbors across Southeast Alaska

“We absolutely do feel safer,” one plant manager said about having overdose prevention resources on hand.
an older woman stands in front of her house with her hands at her waist and looks downward with a smile

For 13 years she’s cared for her husband who has memory loss. Now she’s looking for help.

The number of Alaskans with memory loss is set to nearly double by 2030. Resources to help are limited, but navigators help caregivers find them.
A fox in grass

Bird flu detected in red fox and eagles found dead in Unalaska

Wildlife officials say the animals were most likely feeding on birds that had died from the H5N1 avian influenza.
A swampy flat area with rolling hills in the background

EPA proposes to veto Pebble Mine to protect salmon-rich Bristol Bay

It's the step Bristol Bay fishermen and tribes have for years begged the agency to take.

New community fridge aims to ease hunger in Anchorage

For Alaskans looking to get something to eat, it’s as easy as walking up and taking it.

Ukrainians arrive in Anchorage, with hundreds more expected in coming weeks

Twelve people from Ukraine arrived over the weekend, and hundreds more are expected in the coming weeks thanks to the local non-profit and a new federal program.  
A portrait of a woman outside

Asking the right questions can stop eating disorders from progressing, experts say

“One of the most important things is to identify an eating disorder early before you get the complications,” said Dr. Rachel Lescher.
Exterior image of the Anchorage Pioneer Home.

New facility aims to improve options for Alaskans with memory loss

https://youtu.be/bqE1Xk6h7e4 Caring for someone with memory loss can be exhausting both physically and emotionally. The number of people with Alzheimer’s or dementia in Alaska is...

US Army Alaska commander says soldier suicide prevention is top priority

That's after the numbers jumped from eight suicides in 2019 and seven in 2020 to 17 in 2021 that are either confirmed or suspected suicides.
a person holds a sign that reads "abortion is basic healthcare"

Anchorage group rallies for reproductive rights in wake of Supreme Court leak

Roughly 200 people attended the rush hour reproductive rights rally Tuesday in the wake of the release of a draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion that suggests justices are poised to overturn Roe v. Wade.

An Anchorage mosaic highlights the importance of mental wellbeing

Talking about mental health is hard, but it’s important for anyone who is struggling to know that they’re not alone. Alaska Public Media’s Adam Nicely brings us this story of an Anchorage community project with that goal, called Mental Health Mosaics.
A woman with brown curly hair and a grey sweater sits at a table in a school counselor office with a high school student who is wearing a black hoodie and a glasses.

An alternative high school in Anchorage is focusing on mental health to help students graduate

Karen Hobart said her main goal as a school counselor is to help kids graduate, and that means looking at a lot more than just their grades or the number of credits they’ve earned. She also connects them to resources like food, safe transportation, or different types of mental health care. 

Her son’s death sparked a mission to save others from fentanyl overdose

Alaska experienced a nearly 70% increase in the number of drug overdose deaths between 2020 and 2021, according to preliminary data from the state health department. That means 245 Alaskans died from an overdose in 2021, including Anchorage resident Bruce Snodgrass. Alaska Public Media’s Jeff Chen brings us a story of his mother who wants to make sure her son is more than a statistic.
a person sits in a makeshift studio next to a mic in a bedroom

Recovering out loud: How one Alaskan created a podcast to support his sobriety and help others too

Through podcasting, music and story sharing, Ralph Sara is working to make people see that recovery from addiction is possible.
A man with a white beard gestures with his hand in front of a large window and a snowy mountain.

Alaska avalanche expert says more should be done to avoid putting homes in slide paths

Anchorage-based avalanche expert Doug Fesler says more should be done to avoid building in avalanche paths.