An aerial view of one of the exploration pads and wells that ConocoPhillips drilled during the 2018 exploration season at its Willow prospect.

Biden administration can’t have it both ways by shrinking Willow project, Murkowski warns

Alaska’s U.S. senators say half measures won’t suffice as they push for ConocoPhillips’ drilling proposal in the western Arctic.
A four story concrete building

Alaska joins more than a dozen states banning TikTok on state devices

Gov. Mike Dunleavy cited security and privacy concerns regarding use of the app.
A man in a hat pushes a snow blower spraying snow.

December was Anchorage’s wettest and second snowiest on record

Climatologist Rick Thoman says climate change is driving this more extreme winter snowfall.
woman in fur boots on marble stairs

Peltola sees House speaker impasse as a symptom of bigger divisions

Mary Peltola was supposed to be sworn in for a full term in Congress. That didn't happen.
a volcano

Mount Young: Aleutian volcano is renamed for explosive Alaska congressman

The mountain was named for a fierce creature. Now it will bear Don Young's name.
a woman poses for a photo, in a blue jacket

Alaska projects in $1.7 trillion bill have Murkowski beaming; Sullivan votes no

Murkowski got nearly half a billion dollars in Alaska earmarks. Sullivan says there was no time to read the 4,000 pages.
a man with an eye patch and glasses talks into a microphone

Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes testifies in Alaska Rep. Eastman’s defense

Would Oath Keepers overthrow the government? Their jailed founder says no.

Should I shovel my roof? (And answers to 7 other questions on Anchorage’s snowpocalypse) 

With more than 40 inches of snow in less than two weeks, there’s a lot to dig into.

Respiratory virus cases are filling hospital beds in Alaska

At the same time, the state is seeing a shortage of amoxicillin.
livestream still showing four boxes

Wasilla Rep. Eastman’s qualifications trial delves into Oath Keeper ideology

Rep. David Eastman isn't accused of attacking the U.S. Capitol. But if he belongs to a group that did, his legislative career could be over.
A blonde woman in a blazer smiles at the camera.

Nancy Dahlstrom has spent most of her 20-year political career out of the spotlight. Now she’s second in command.

Dahlstrom said she’s committed to upholding the policies of the election system set in law. Even so, she expressed reservations about the current ranked choice voting system.

Utqiagvik reaches record high 40˚F in December

The lack of winter sea ice is keeping temperatures warm. Climatologist Rick Thoman says it's a "very clear climate change signal."
a woman in a white sweater

Palin and Tshibaka are on track to lose but hint at election battles ahead

Both Trump-endorsed candidates are making vague accusations of malfeasance, despite no evidence of election fraud.
Gov Bill Sheffield undated

Former Alaska Gov. Bill Sheffield dies at 94

“The most important thing to know about Bill Sheffield is that he loved Alaska,” said friend John Pugh.
A woman in a blue shirt helping another woman with her voting ballot

How Alaska handles election security

Answers to six frequently asked questions.
Two women and two men stand at podiums

U.S. House candidates talk fish, energy and bipartisanship in televised debate

Candidates for Alaska’s lone U.S. House seat sparred over fish, energy and partisan politics at Wednesday’s Debate for the State.

Walker and Gara call on Pierce to drop out of governor’s race, Dunleavy says he’s ‘waiting for more facts’

On Friday, Pierce's former executive assistant filed a lawsuit against him and the Kenai Peninsula Borough alleging “constant unwanted physical touching, sexual remarks, and sexual advances."
a person holds a sign that reads "abortion is basic healthcare"

What to know about Alaska’s privacy clause and its link to abortion rights

As Alaskans prepare to vote in November on whether to hold a constitutional convention, the privacy clause is a major focus.
two men side by side

Can Gara or Walker unseat Dunleavy in the race for Alaska governor? Analysts say both have a tough, but possible road to victory.

In a ranked-choice election, the two progressive gubernatorial candidates are relying on each other’s second-place votes to win.

For Indigenous Alaskans, congressional election brings flood of emotions, online and off

The election of Yup'ik Mary Peltola brought unexpected tears to some Alaska Native people.