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Too close to call Unalaska municipal ballots for mayor, marijuana after record voter turnout

The polls have closed, but it's still too close to call for half of Unalaska's municipal races.

Johansen Loses Leadership Post; Thomas, Wilson Move Up

Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska - Juneau Now the State House has two minorities.  Kyle Johansen of Ketchikan and Charisse Millett of Anchorage are out.  But Ed...

Congressmen Referenced in Zachares’ Trial May Never Be Named

Lori Townsend, APRN – Anchorage The conviction of Congressman Don Young’s former aid Mark Zachares who was convicted for taking gifts from corrupt lobbyist...

Officials Concerned About Sequester Effects On Indian Health Services

The state of Indian Country is strong, according to the president of the National Congress of American Indians. Today Jefferson Keel presented the State of Indian Nations Address in Washington D.C. Despite advancements in tribal governing, leaders are worried about the coming sequester, and what it means for Indian Health Services.

Report: Maintaining service levels would leave state short $200 million next year

The report lets lawmakers know that some of the things in the budget this year can’t be repeated. Listen now

Can Alaska Lawmakers Break The Gridlock?

While negotiation meetings have taken place between legislative leaders and the governor, there has not been a formal structure with a clear, mutually agreeable path to a resolution. Listen now:

$50 Million For SAP Software To Come On-Line, Says Anchorage Candidate For Mayor

The criticisms are part of the politicking ahead of the April 7th election, but carry extra weight because of how close the candidate is to the topic.

Senate majority eyes $750M in budget cuts over three years

The state Senate is generating ideas to make significant cuts to the state budget. They’d like to lock in lower spending levels into the future. Listen now

District 40 primary fight heads to Alaska Supreme Court

The Alaska Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday in a lawsuit over the Democratic primary in House District 40, which stretches from Kotzebue to Kaktovik.

In A Social Media Fracas, Walker Withdraws Appointee

A Walker spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday that Jeff Landfield’s nomination to the judicial conduct commission was withdrawn because of “disrespectful” and “misogynistic” images posted to his social media account.”

Doogan Begins Treatment of Tumor

Dave Donaldson, APRN – Juneau Anchorage Democrat Mike Doogan has begun treatment to remove a brain tumor.  Surgery is scheduled for Thursday.  Announcement of the...

Gov. Parnell Makes Sexual Anti Abuse, Domestic Violence Bill A Special Session Priority

The Parnell administration has waged a fight against sexual abuse and domestic violence in Alaska. His bill HB 359 – making human trafficking a serious felony offense failed to pass during the regular session. But the governor has made it a special session priority.

Kott, Kohring Retrials Will Be Held in Fairbanks

A federal judge has ordered the retrials of former Alaska lawmakers Pete Kott and Victor Kohring be held in Fairbanks.

Senate bill to change PFD formula advances

Senate Bill 103 would split the annual draw from permanent fund earnings evenly between dividends and state government.

Big spending among candidates looking to replace outgoing state legislators

State legislators who aren’t running for re-election have created openings drawing big spending ahead of the primary election next Tuesday. A quarter of all spending by legislative candidates has been in just three races for open seats. But it’s not clear whether those who’ve spent the most will be able to convert that into votes. Listen now

Should independents be able to run in a Democratic primary?

A Superior Court judge is weighing how to define who is allowed to run the Alaska Democratic Party primary. The party wants to allow independent candidates to run in the primary without registering as Democrats. Listen now

Lieutenant Governor Primary Election: Bob Williams

In Alaska, the Lieutenant Governor has duties beyond backing up the Governor and keeping custody of the State Seal. The Lieutenant Governor oversees the enactment of regulations and the Division of Elections. Two Democrats are vying for that nomination in August, and your chance to get to know them is coming up on “Talk of Alaska.” Bob Williams was Teacher of the Year and now wants to be Lieutenant Governor. APRN: Tuesday, 7/15 at 10:00am Download Audio

Independent Power Producers Seek Utility Regulations Change

Some Alaska alternative energy producers may benefit from new rules the Regulatory Commission of Alaska is considering. But other independents say the state's power statutes are so antiquated they should be completely revised. Download Audio

Defense Authorization Facing Presidential Veto

Representative Don Young voted to increase Pentagon spending on Friday. Defense authorization is facing a veto from the president.

NPS Banned From Spending Money On Yukon Charley Law Enforcement

A provision in an omnibus spending package passed by Congress last week bans the National Park Service from spending money on law enforcement on the Yukon River inside the Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve.