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Alaska legislators apologize after breaking COVID rules by bringing friends for ping-pong, basketball at Capitol gym

Members of the public who are barred from the state Capitol complex due to pandemic safety rules attended a social gathering with legislators in a complex building last week.
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Tshibaka resigns from Dunleavy administration and announces run for Murkowski’s US Senate seat

Kelly Tshibaka, who has led the sprawling Alaska Department of Administration since early 2019, in a statement said she is running “for the Alaskans who believe government is of the people, by the people and for the people. The D.C. insiders need to be held accountable to us.”
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New attorney general targets Alaska’s high rate of sex crimes at confirmation hearing

During his confirmation hearing on Monday, Treg Taylor said his first priority as Alaska’s attorney general is to end the state’s position as the worst for sex crimes.
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‘Let’s end this charade,’ Wasilla lawmaker says, removing his mask on the House floor

State Rep. Christopher Kurka of Wasilla left a House floor session on Monday morning after taking off his facemask.

Alaska Senate president has new view of COVID-19 threat after senior aide is hospitalized

A senior aide to Alaska Senate President Peter Micciche has been hospitalized with COVID-19. Micciche said the illness has given him a new perspective on the threat the disease poses to the people working in the Capitol.
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Alaska senators skeptical over Dunleavy administration’s plan to privatize rural DMVs

The state-run Division of Motor Vehicle offices in Haines, Homer, Valdez, Tok, Delta Junction and Eagle River would be eliminated under a plan presented Thursday by Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka.
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GOP Gov. Dunleavy says he’s recovered from COVID-19, and nudges Alaskans on vaccines

Alaska Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy said Friday that he’s feeling better and nearing the end of his isolation after getting sick with COVID-19 — and, he added, he didn’t even lose his sense of smell or taste
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Judge rules against Alaska governor in appointments debate

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy was barred by law from making recess appointments of the same individuals lawmakers had failed to confirm to the posts, a state court judge ruled Thursday.
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Dunleavy asks Alaskans to be aware of COVID-19 pandemic misinformation

Gov. Mike Dunleavy warned Alaskans away from “misinformation” regarding the pandemic and his administration’s response to it. He encouraged people to challenge those making allegations.
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11 days after appointment, Alaska Attorney General Ed Sniffen leaving job

Alaska Attorney General Ed Sniffen is leaving his position 11 days after Gov. Mike Dunleavy appointed him.

Banned from the Capitol, Alaska lobbyists contend with pandemic predicament

If you think Alaska lawmakers’ job is tough right now, consider, for a moment, the plight of the lobbyist. They’re paid for access to and intelligence on what’s happening in the Capitol — but for now, they’re banned from the building.
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On Alaska lawmakers’ wish list: income taxes, a ban on police chokeholds and business protections from COVID lawsuits

Some of the legislation advances familiar concepts that have failed to get traction in the past — levying state income taxes, adopting Daylight Saving Time year-round — but there are plenty of new ideas, too.
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Rep. Lance Pruitt violated campaign finance laws, watchdog finds

Rep. Lance Pruitt violated Alaska’s campaign finance laws and should pay a penalty. That’s according to staff for the state’s elections watchdog agency, the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

Trump administration may hire private ship to fill Arctic ‘icebreaker gap’ by year’s end

The White House is racing to lease an icebreaker. One candidate is the Aiviq, owned by a Republican mega-donor, and with a history in Alaska waters.
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Dunleavy proposes nearly $5,000 in dividends for Alaskans, cuts other state spending

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Friday proposed a budget that would cut state spending on government services, but would also pay out nearly $5,000 in Permanent Fund dividends.

Alaska joins Texas lawsuit to overturn presidential election

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced his state will join a lawsuit attempting to overturn the results of the presidential election, days after Dunleavy said there is an “outside chance” Joe Biden will become the next U.S. president.
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Alaska Gov. Dunleavy says Biden has ‘outside chance’ of becoming next president

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy told conservative podcast hosts that on the "outside chance" of a Biden administration, Alaska will do the best it can, but "I'm just saying that I'm not there yet."
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Election review shrinks Anchorage house race margin to 13 votes

The official results showed some margins shrink, but there were no changes in the outcomes.
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Heavily Republican incoming class of Alaska legislators prepares for next session

Only one of the newly elected members of the Alaska Legislature is a Democrat.