Murkowski calls for many ‘silver bullets’ to tackle climate change

Sen. Lisa Murkowski stopped in Bethel to celebrate the breakup of the Kuskokwim River. She says climate change “is a reality that we are seeing.”

Two of Alaska’s biggest exports are caught up in the US-China trade dispute

As President Donald Trump’s trade dispute with China continues to drag out, some of Alaska’s biggest exports expect to be hit with even steeper tariffs than they’ve seen in recent months.
Some ice bergs in a dusky night

Warming Pacific waters likely adding to Arctic sea ice loss, study finds

For the past decade, scientists have observed several years of abnormally low sea ice extent. While most of the cause has been attributed to a warming Arctic climate, a new study suggests warming waters outside of the Arctic are impacting sea ice as well.

Walker’s trade mission highlights links to China, opportunities for Alaskans

Representatives from more than 20 business, along with state officials and politicians will leave for China this weekend. There, they’ll peddle everything from baby food to seafood to tourism to Chinese consumers. Listen now

Elected officials, economic groups push to deploy Tazlina amid ferry service reductions

Several communities in Southeast Alaska lost ferry service this winter when the Alaska Marine Highway System docked the M/V Leconte for expensive repairs. Now some in the region are pushing the state to deploy the M/V Tazlina to make up for the reduced sailings.

A lot of people get this pretty basic question about oil wrong

"I have had to correct school teachers in the past who have been teaching their kids that oil comes from dinosaurs." Listen now

The Palmer Project, a mining prospect outside Haines, could transform into a large-scale operation

While there’s no mine here yet, a small cadre of scientists live here for half the year, looking for minerals.

EPA fines BP, Hilcorp for spills on the North Slope

BP Exploration Alaska and Hilcorp Alaska have agreed to pay fines after spilling oil and waste on the North Slope. Listen now

Climate change in Alaska and The Big Thaw podcast

Alaskans have a front row seat to climate change, and Alaska's Energy Desk is telling the stories of our changing state in a new podcast called The Big Thaw. On the next Talk of Alaska- the stories behind the podcast. Join us for a conversation with Energy Desk journalists about what they learned reporting on climate change in our state. LISTEN HERE

Watchdog group scrutinizes rough-weather training for new tanker escorts in Prince William Sound

Next year, a whole new fleet of tugboats and barges will arrive in Prince William Sound with a big responsibility: to prevent another oil spill like the Exxon Valdez in 1989. Listen now

Alaska’s oil production future could be bright, but it’s also unpredictable

Oil from new fields could boost the state’s production, but predicting when they’ll come online — and how much money the state will bring in — is tricky.

A wrench and a spark shut down TAPS for nine hours

A worker with a hand-wrench sparked the fire that shut down the trans-Alaska pipeline for nine hours in April. The fire forced the evacuation of more than 50 people at a remote pump station near Coldfoot. Download Audio

BLM to review new ConocoPhillips project in National Petroleum Reserve

The Bureau of Land Management is launching an environmental review of ConocoPhillips' most recent proposal in the National Petroleum Reserve, called Greater Mooses Tooth 2. Listen now

Walker wants to borrow money to pay $900 million in oil tax credits

The tax credits are scheduled to be paid off fully in 2025. Walker and the Department of Revenue are proposing paying them off by 2019 at a discount. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: Bitter cold makes a comeback in Alaska

Alaska has settled into a notable stretch of seriously cold weather. Communities around the state are enduring low temperatures they haven’t seen in a few years. And for more than a week, the average statewide temperature index has registered below normal- by far the longest stretch this year. Listen Now

Offshore leasing plan leaves door open to Arctic drilling – for now

The Obama Administration released its draft plan for offshore oil and gas drilling over the next five years. It includes three lease sales in Alaska: two in the Arctic - in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas - and one in Cook Inlet.

ConocoPhillips’ next big oil project in Alaska takes another step forward

The company hopes to construct a new oil processing facility, up to five drill sites, about 40 miles of permanent roads, a gravel mine and hundreds of miles of pipelines and seasonal ice roads.
A man flips through a book in the cabin of a boat

Pacific heatwave had lasting impacts on Gulf of Alaska marine species

NOAA’s study charted the impacts of the heat wave — also known as “the blob” — on gulf marine species over time, through 2019 and found some species like sockeye salmon and Pacific cod had lower populations for years.

Alaska Natives protesting Dakota Access pipeline share mixed views on oil

About 60 demonstrators, including many Alaska Natives, gathered in downtown Anchorage Saturday afternoon to sing, dance and carry signs. They were there to support North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux tribe in their fight against the Dakota Access oil pipeline.
Boats in a sweeping bend in a river

Dunleavy issues mandates for fishery workers as concern from Bristol Bay officials escalates

Workers will have to wear masks when traveling to Bristol Bay and quarantine themselves for two weeks immediately on arrival.