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New equipment helps scientists keep tabs on Bogoslof now and study it later

There aren't many volcanoes like Bogoslof. But with an improved monitoring network, scientists are relishing every last eruption. Listen now

Want the freshest Unalaska fish? You’ll have to go to Europe.

Unalaska may be America's most productive fishing port, but you can't buy fresh fish in town.

Unwanted Unalaska fishing nets find second life in Denmark

In Unalaska, unwanted fishing nets are everywhere. Now, for the first time, a company halfway around the world is recycling the nets. Listen now

Papua New Guinea company to take over big North Slope oil play

Denver-based Armstrong Energy is selling off a significant chunk of its stake in the Nanushuk oil play to Oil Search, a company based in Papua New Guinea. Oil Search announced Wednesday that it will take over as operator next June. Listen now

High temperatures in Utqiaġvik confuse NOAA algorithm

This November in Utqiaġvik was the hottest on record, averaging 17.2°F. It was so warm that NOAA's quality control algorithms flagged the data. Listen now

State-ordered investigation following BP leak finds no additional problem wells

A state-ordered review of thousands of oil wells on the North Slope is complete, following a multi-day oil and gas at one of BP’s facilities last spring. Listen now

Q&A: Federal regulators push for more information on Alaska’s gasline project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has given the state 20 days to respond to its information request. Listen now

Cost of Cold: Staying warm in Homer

In Homer heating oil is an expensive alternative to natural gas. That forces some residents to consider less conventional options, like coal. Listen now

Offshore lease schedule for Beaufort draws flak

Democrats in Congress are sounding the alarm about the Interior Department's efforts to hold an offshore oil lease sale in the Beaufort Sea next year. Listen now

Interior asking public not ‘if’, but ‘how’ to allow drilling in ANWR

At the meeting, officials said the Trump administration must move forward with oil lease sales in ANWR. About 100 protesters gathered outside. Listen now

Interior utility breaks ground on test solar farm

The solar array is a small-scale test and will be completed at the end of October.

Decades-old federal policy placed Newtok in the path of climate change

Some advocates say it’s largely because of federal policy that some of these villages are so vulnerable to climate change in the first place. Listen now

Alaska companies release private data for global seabed mapping project

The goal is to completely map the seafloor by the year 2030 and three Alaska companies are pitching in. Listen now

State regulators to Alaska lobbyist: Stop helping candidates raise money

Alaska lobbyists have been breaking an anti-corruption law by helping political candidates promote their fundraising events, according to a preliminary opinion from the state’s campaign finance watchdog. Listen now

ConocoPhillips executive: more land around Teshekpuk Lake should be available for drilling

His statements come a week after the Trump administration announced it is overhauling the management plan for the 22-million-acre Reserve where Teshekpuk Lake is located, a decision spurred by a series of recent large oil discoveries in the region.

State agency orders review following accident at Prudhoe Bay well

A state agency is holding a public hearing and requesting a field-wide review of all of BP's oil wells at Prudhoe Bay following an accident last month.

In Sitka, a teacher wants her classroom to know who’s responsible for climate change

Some school districts don’t elaborate on the causes of climate change, while others make it clear: Humans are largely to blame. This week, we’re going inside two Alaska classrooms to learn how teachers and students are navigating these difficult conversations.
A river and mountains.

New York Times reporter discusses story revealing ANWR oil test well was ‘worthless’

This week, the New York Times published a story uncovering a long-held Alaska secret: it revealed that the only exploratory oil well ever drilled in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was "worthess." Alaska's Energy Desk reporter Elizabeth Harball talked to Henry Fountain, one of the New York Times reporters who broke the story.

To get a count on bowhead whales, North Slope scientists head out onto the sea ice

“They’re just so graceful and beautiful. Every time I see a whale I get excited,” said biologist Craig George. “I’ve seen thousands and thousands. It’s always like seeing a bowhead for the first time.”

With ANWR drilling on its doorstep, an Alaska Native village is poised to profit

It’s still too early to know if petroleum even exists in the refuge in commercially-viable quantities. But if it’s found, Kaktovik’s residents are simultaneously positioned to be among the biggest beneficiaries, and to experience some of the biggest disruptions.