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Trust land auctions fund mental health care in Alaska

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is selling some of the 1 million acres of federal land it received under the Mental Health Act of 1956.

PrEP prevents HIV transmission and it’s free. Why can’t some Alaskans get it?

Robin Lutz, executive director at the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association, or 4-As, said the organization has been talking with people newly diagnosed with HIV. She said Alaskans face many barriers to accessing PrEP.

Why are more Alaskans in the Interior contracting HIV?

Health officials are working to better understand why Fairbanks and the Interior have seen a cluster of new HIV cases over the past two years.
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Peltola floats bipartisanship as way out of House speaker morass but GOP still stalled by infighting

Alaska Congresswoman Mary Peltola said she doesn’t see a solution until Republicans reach across the aisle to elect the next speaker.
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Peltola says she’s still grieving but ready to return to work in Congress

The Alaska congresswoman will return to a speaker-less U.S. House where some are floating an idea she's familiar with: bipartisan leadership.
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Alaska’s U.S. senators pair help for Ukraine with border funds

Sending money overseas for Ukraine’s defense has become controversial among Republicans.
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Tommy Beaudreau, a Biden administration official who had Murkowski’s trust, resigns from Interior

Beaudreau grew up in Anchorage. "There was a certain amount of comfort, knowing that he knew our state," Sen. Murkowski says.
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Dramatic day in U.S. House as members oust the speaker

An ominous murmur arose after the vote was announced, D.C. correspondent Liz Ruskin says.

Revak stepping down as Peltola’s state director

Josh Revak is a former state legislator. Peltola drew some heat for picking a Republican to serve in a key spot.

5 things to know about how a federal shutdown hits in Alaska

Your mail will arrive. Your paycheck might not.
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Senators take up a stopgap spending bill, but Murkowski is doubtful it can prevent a shutdown

"It's really hard to get hard work done when people cannot talk to one another. And that's what we're seeing in the House," Sen. Murkowski said.

Alaska congressional delegation takes concerns about Albertsons-Kroger merger to FTC

U.S. Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan expressed "deep concerns." Congresswoman Peltola asked the FTC to block the merger.
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Feds send $440M for water projects in Alaska villages

“It's 10 times the amount of Indian Health Service funding that we had been historically getting,” said Charissa Williar of ANTHC.
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Aviation experts say infrastructure gaps contribute to Alaska’s air fatality rate

Despite improvements, Alaska aviation safety still lags the rest of the country.
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Four years into the Yukon salmon collapse, an Interior Alaska village wonders if it will ever fish again

Gwichyaa Zhee, also known as Fort Yukon, has always depended on salmon. But for the fourth year in a row, managers have severely restricted fishing, as the Yukon River king and chum salmon runs collapsed. Residents say the closures have been devastating to their way of life.
sign posted on green grass says "sign here" and says ranked choice voting "get rid of it"

APOC staff recommends fines for opponents of Alaska’s ranked choice voting

Investigators say those trying to repeal Alaska's voting system routed a $90,000 political contribution through a church group, among other alleged violations of campaign laws.

Peltola steps into Don Young’s shoes for charity fishing invitational, where motives converge

Supporting the cause is just one reason the well-connected pay thousands of dollars to fish with a Congress member.

Peltola, nearing one year in office, touts her support for Willow and other energy projects

As a Democrat running for re-election in an oil-producing state, she’s setting herself apart from the mainstream of her party on energy.
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Annual visitor spending near Alaska’s national parks: $1.2B

Alaska's national parks saw 2 million visitors last year. Their spending is down from the pre-pandemic high of $1.5 billion.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to visit Alaska next week

The secretary of Transportation will visit Kotzebue, Anchorage and Juneau next week, his office announced.