A Week Before Election, State House Candidates Sharpen Rhetoric

Redistricting has many incumbents facing incumbents for the Alaska legislature this election. And that’s true of two House races in the Fairbanks area. House district two includes Two Rivers and House District 38 represents Nenana and Tanana.

Alaska Division of Elections Begins Counting Absentee, Questioned Ballots

After a week of collecting and reviewing absentee ballots, workers at the Division of Elections are now running 17,000 of those uncounted votes through machines. APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez is at the Anchorage office observing the process. Download Audio

U.S. House Candidate Forrest Dunbar

Lifelong Alaskan and political newcomer Forrest Dunbar is young and determined. This Yale Law grad wants to be Alaska's next Congressman. Dunbar is running as a Democrat. His social policy fits with that party, but he says he is more in line with Republicans on resource development. APRN: Wednesday, 10/29 at 10:00am Download Audio

As Alaska’s elections come down to wire, ads test limits of campaign finance laws

In the last few days before an election, it’s pretty common for political groups to start playing fast and loose with Alaska’s campaign finance laws — and the state’s cash-strapped campaign finance regulators say they’d need a larger staff to monitor all the ads in the last-minute barrage. Listen now
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Alaska’s latest election lawsuit would give absentee voters a chance to fix mail-in ballot errors

A lawsuit is seeking to give absentee voters in Alaska a chance to fix mail-in ballot errors that would otherwise prevent their votes from being counted.
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Aside from tweet, U.S. Rep. Young, staff remain silent on COVID-19 diagnosis

Young’s opponent in last week’s election, Democratic Party-endorsed independent Alyse Galvin, said the Congressman’s staff could not reach him Friday when she wanted to call him to concede.
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Alaska Supreme Court finds Republican gerrymander in Anchorage districts, orders new map

The decision almost certainly ends Alaska’s redistricting process for 2022.
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Peltola keeps 4th place in latest US House ballot count

The AP has now called the race for Democrat Mary Peltola, too.

Alaska’s new primary election system showed who voters favored, but it only cut one legislative candidate

As Alaska Beacon reporter James Brooks points out, the votes tallied Tuesday mostly amount to a state-sponsored poll with a nice, big sample size.
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Peltola’s campaign gets big financial boost after special election win

Her campaign raked in almost $1.4 million in the 19 days following Election Day, according to her latest campaign finance disclosure report.
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Alaska is one of 26 states that picks judges through a council. Here’s why some voters want a change.

They say the Alaska Judicial Council is responsible for a “liberal” judiciary.

The latest vote tallies in Alaska’s first ranked choice general election

View live results for Alaska's 2022 governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House races.

Jeff Lowenfels

Jeff Lowenfels is among 48 candidates running to fill Alaska’s sole U.S. House seat.
A woman in a blue shirt helping another woman with her voting ballot

What to know about ranked choice voting

The best way to understand the method is to see it in action.

Three now in running for Alaska’s lone Congressional seat

Greg Fitch, founder of the Juneau-based Mental Health Consumer Action Network, has filed to run for Republican Don Young’s seat in Congress.
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Palin leads the race for cash in Alaska US House election

Former Gov. Sarah Palin is ahead of the field in campaign fundraising. But a rival has surpassed her by tapping his personal wealth.
A woman in a blue shirt helping another woman with her voting ballot

How Alaska handles election security

Answers to six frequently asked questions.
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Acting Mayor ends Anchorage’s emergency proclamation

Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson announced that Anchorage’s emergency proclamation ended Tuesday at an Assembly meeting last night.

Walker Poll Suggests Parnell Vulnerable … In A Two-Way Race

Independent candidate Bill Walker has released a poll suggesting he would be competitive against Gov. Sean Parnell, if Democrat Byron Mallott were no longer running. Download Audio

With money from Murkowski, GOP assails Miller

The Alaska Republican Party is attacking U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller in a series of hard-hitting mailers. This is the same Joe Miller who was the Republican Party’s own nominee six years ago, when he beat the incumbent, Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Now the party is accepting money from Murkowski’s campaign and using it against Miller, which he calls "money laundering." The party says it’s perfectly legal. Listen Now