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Bronson widens lead in Anchorage mayoral race

Retired commercial pilot Dave Bronson is ahead by 627 votes in the runoff race for Anchorage mayor against East Anchorage Assembly member Forrest Dunbar. That’s according to updated election results posted Thursday afternoon. The margin between the two candidates is still less than 1 percent, but it has widened since Wednesday, when Bronson was up by less than 300 votes.
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Bronson takes a slim lead in the Anchorage mayoral runoff

Retired commercial pilot Dave Bronson took a slim lead in the runoff election for Anchorage mayor on Wednesday. With about 76,000 votes counted, Bronson leads over Assembly member Forrest Dunbar by under 278 votes. Only about 4,000 votes were added to the count between Tuesday and Wednesday.
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Signs of strong turnout for Tuesday’s hotly-contested mayoral runoff in Anchorage

As of Friday the municipal Elections Center had already received 61,525 ballots. That’s 3,563 more than had been received by general election day last month. About 75,000 people voted in the general election.
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Bronson outraises Dunbar in latest campaign finance reports

Bronson’s campaign has outraised Dunbar’s in the runoff election by about $77,000, but overall, Dunbar has still raised more — close to $591,000 in total, compared to Bronson’s $559,000.
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Still deciding between Bronson and Dunbar? Here’s where they come down on major issues.

Anchorage voters still have about a week to cast their ballots as the city chooses its next mayor in a runoff election. The two...
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Bronson and Dunbar have starkly different visions for Anchorage

Dave Bronson, a retired commercial and Air Force pilot and Forrest Dunbar, a captain with the Army National Guard who serves on the Assembly. The candidates, who will take part in a runoff election next month, have starkly different visions for the future of Anchorage.
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Anchorage Assembly certifies municipal election

The Anchorage Assembly voted unanimously to certify the results of the April municipal election on Tuesday. This means results are now official, though they may still be subject to a recount, if the candidates are within half a percentage point of each other. Results may also be contested on legal grounds if there is proof of fraud, corrupt election practices, or the candidate does not meet qualifications for office.
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APOC denies expedited hearing after allegations of Bronson campaign finance violation

The runoff election for Anchorage mayor began to heat up this week, after Forrest Dunbar’s campaign accused Dave Bronson’s campaign of more than $170,000 in finance violations. On Wednesday, the Alaska Public Offices Commission denied the Dunbar campaign’s request for an expedited hearing.
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Election update: Anchorage school board race tightens

The Anchorage school board race between Kelly Lessens and Judy Eledge has narrowed to less than 100 votes, with Lessens narrowly holding onto the lead Monday.
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Extra marks on ballots held up tabulating on Anchorage’s Election Night

Results in the Anchorage election came in slowly this year. Last year the elections center got through more than half the ballots the first night, but by Tuesday night, less than a fifth of the total ballots that had been received were tabulated. On Wednesday evening, the clerk’s office explained the early reports were held up by some unusually marked ballots.
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Early results show Dunbar with slight lead in Anchorage mayor race

At 9 p.m. with only 10,606 votes counted, Forrest Dunbar had 3,701 votes, followed by former Air Force pilot Dave Bronson with 3,116 votes
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Here’s what to expect on Anchorage’s Election Day

If you haven’t voted yet, you can drop your signed ballot in one of the dropboxes around the city or go to one of the Vote Centers, located at City Hall, the Loussac Library and the Eagle River Town Center. As long as you are in line at a dropbox or Vote Center by 8 p.m. you will be allowed to vote. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by today, April 6.
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In a crowded race, Anchorage campaign volunteers tell us how they chose their candidate for mayor

For months, campaign volunteers have called and texted voters, dropped off pamphlets, put up signs and knocked on doors in the hopes of encouraging their neighbors to vote for their pick for Anchorage mayor. Some have been politically active for years, but for others, organizing is a new pursuit.
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Anchorage Election Q&A: Here’s what’s on the ballot and options for voting

Anchorage is less than a month away from its next municipal election. Residents will decide who the next mayor and school board members will be, plus vote on several smaller seats and propositions. Here are some answers to common questions about this year’s spring ballot.

Anchorage mayoral candidates weigh strategies to support children and families

Many of the leading candidates for Anchorage mayor say education is a top priority. During a recent child and family issues forum hosted by Alaska Children’s Trust, most candidates agreed that improving access to early education and childcare and eliminating food and housing insecurity, are important, both for COVID-19 recovery and the future of the city.
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Anchorage mayoral hopefuls offer different visions on how to help the city recover

In the upcoming mayor's race, candidates are divided about whether to improve the current administration's course, or to rollback coronavirus restrictions immediately.
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Dunbar, Robbins lead in fundraising for Anchorage mayoral race

Fourteen candidates are currently in the race for Anchorage mayor, but two have sizeable leads in fundraising.
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Candidates begin filing for Anchorage municipal office

Friday marked the first day candidates could file for office for Anchorage’s next municipal election in April. Residents will be casting ballots for mayor, school board and boards of supervisors.
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Anchorage municipal election season begins with candidate drawing

Thursday marked the start to Anchorage’s municipal election season, beginning with a drawing to determine the order of candidates’ names on the ballot. Friday, Jan. 16 is the first day candidates can officially file for office.

After last year’s loss, Anchorage alcohol tax boosters bring in Mark Begich’s firm for this year’s campaign

After losing at the polls last year, supporters of a 5 percent alcohol tax in Anchorage say a better public opinion campaign could make the difference when the measure goes before voters again in April. So they've hired Mark Begich's company to help.