A white man in glasses and a white coat takes the blood pressure of another white man

Al Gross points to medical background in Senate bid

Gross is using his background in medicine to criticize the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic. He's also pushing for a public option for healthcare.
An Alaska Native man in a baseball cap sits at a voting booth

Alaska will have a new election system: Voters pass Ballot Measure 2

After Tuesday’s count, the more than 3,000-vote advantage that yes votes have appears to be too large to be overcome by the ballots that are left to count.
woman stands outside of capitol

Tomorrow, she becomes Alaska’s Congresswoman. Today, she has a lot to do.

Peltola is drawing an unusual amount of national media attention as the first Alaska Native elected to Congress, and even more because of her special election win over Sarah Palin, a former Alaska governor endorsed by Donald Trump.
Sarah Palin headquarters

Vibe-check: U.S. House candidates’ campaign headquarters

The ambience at campaign headquarters for Rep. Mary Peltola, Nick Begich III and Sarah Palin.
An unvoted ballot and a pen

Strategic voting is possible but risky on a ranked choice ballot, mathematicians say

Voting strategically could mean accidentally contributing to the defeat of a candidate you prefer.

Peltola wins Alaska’s U.S. House race by 10 point margin

Congresswoman Mary Peltola came out nearly 10 points ahead of Republican Sarah Palin.

Jo Woodward

Jo Woodward is a candidate for the 2022 U.S. House special election.

Crowded Anchorage Mayoral Race Heats Up

Today we’re discussing the race for mayor in Alaska’s largest city. Anchorage’s city politics have ripples across the state, whether in terms of funding coming from the Legislature, or launching political careers into higher office. The election is on April 7th, but recently we’ve seen the race start to take off. It’s a crowded field, with 11 candidates, hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring in from donations, and expectations of an eventual run off. KSKA: Friday, 2/27 at 2:00pm and Saturday, 2/28 at 6:00pm KAKM: Friday, 2/27 at 7:30pm and Saturday, 2/28 at 4:30pm Download Audio
A man stands in the middle of a street.

Nick Begich is running a million-dollar campaign for Alaska’s US House seat, most of it from his own pocket

Disclosure forms show Begich made more than $1 million last year from his stake in a software firm and an Anchorage publisher.
A 50th anniversary copy of the Alaska State Constitution sits on the top of a table.

What you need to know about the constitutional convention question

Questions about the permanent fund dividend, Alaska’s fiscal woes, and abortion access have some advocating to vote "yes" on the once a decade ballot question: "Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?"
Photos of two men side by side

Bronson and Dunbar have starkly different visions for Anchorage

Dave Bronson, a retired commercial and Air Force pilot and Forrest Dunbar, a captain with the Army National Guard who serves on the Assembly. The candidates, who will take part in a runoff election next month, have starkly different visions for the future of Anchorage.

Egan Joins Majority As Transportation Chairman

Juneau Senator Dennis Egan is the first Democrat to join the new Alaska Senate majority. He’ll chair the Senate Transportation Committee, according to a press release from the majority caucus.

Poll shows challenger closing in on Rep. Young

A new poll suggests Alaska Congressman Don Young, the most senior member of Congress, may be in a tight race. Listen now

Campaign finance enforcers fine Republican Governors Association and Dunleavy support group

The commission said the violation occurred when the RGA reserved TV time for political advertisements without registering with the state. Listen now
A strip of river next to green land and neatly-arranged houses.

Mertarvik residents didn’t get primary ballots. The state says it didn’t know people lived there.

Materials for voting never arrived in Newtok, a sister village, from where absentee ballots were supposed to be taken to Mertarvik.

A torrent of Democratic absentee ballots could reverse Alaska’s Election Night vote counts

More than 75,000 Alaskans have already cast absentee ballots in this year’s election -- nearly one-fourth of the total number of votes cast in the state in the last presidential election, in 2016.

RUNNING: 2021 Anchorage Mayor’s Race – issues and candidate Q&A responses

UPDATE: Candidate responses to Alaska Public Media's 2021 Mayor Candidate questionnaire are now available at Running 2021. Fifteen candidates filed to run; 9 candidates...
ballots go into a scanner

In Alaska’s first statewide by-mail vote, turnout was highest for a primary since 2014

Final preliminary results posted Tuesday night by the Alaska Division of Elections show 161,614 people voted in the special election for U.S. House, Alaska’s first statewide election by mail.