Zoë Sobel, Alaska's Energy Desk - Unalaska

Zoe Sobel is a reporter with Alaska's Energy Desk based in Unalaska. As a high schooler in Portland, Maine, Zoë Sobel got her first taste of public radio at NPR’s easternmost station. From there, she moved to Boston where she studied at Wellesley College and worked at WBUR, covering sports for Only A Game and the trial of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Pavlof volcano is active again

Alaska’s most active volcano is at it again. This morning, scientists observed a steam plume at Pavlof volcano and increased seismic activity. And they’ve raised the volcano alert level from “normal” to “advisory”.

Japanese kayakers paddle Aleutian chain

Cold Bay to Unalaska is nearly 200 miles. By plane, it takes about an hour. By kayak, it's nearly a month. Akio Shinya made the trip -- with three others -- in 24 days. Download Audio

Dr. Neal Hitch will lead Museum of The Aleutians

Dr. Neal Hitch is The Museum of The Aleutians new executive director. The museum’s board of directors unanimously offered him the position last month. And he just signed his contract to begin work on August 15. Download Audio

49 Voices: Onya Enkhbat of Unalaska

This week we’re hearing from Purevdulam “Onya” Enkhbat. She recently graduated from Unalaska High School where she was valedictorian. Download Audio

Three die in deadly car crash in Atka

Three people have died and six more are injured after a passenger van rolled-over in Atka Tuesday night. Alaska State Troopers say they learned of the single vehicle crash just after 6 p.m. Download Audio

PenAir faces complications getting Saab 2000’s off the ground

PenAir’s new planes arrived in Unalaska last month with the promise of faster service. But as of Tuesday, about 100 people were on the standby list waiting for flights. Download Audio

Gov. Walker declares June 3 as Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day

Governor Bill Walker has declared June 3rd to be recognized as Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day. Statewide all flags will fly at half-mast to recognize Japan’s World War II attack on Dutch Harbor. Download Audio

Veteran teacher retires ending an era for Unalaska preschool

After 26 years, it’s the end of an era for Unalaska’s preschool. Teacher Susan Carlisle is retiring.

Longtime Unalaska preschool teacher retires

After 26 years, it’s the end of an era for Unalaska’s preschool. Teacher Susan Carlisle is retiring today.

Geologists look at possibility of tsunami-inducing megaquakes

In the next 50 years there’s a 9% chance of an Aleutian island earthquake so strong it could send a devastating tsunami to Hawaii. That’s according to researchers from University of Hawaii at Manoa. Download Audio

Qawalangin tribe discusses resources for the elderly

What resources are available to people when they near they end of their lives? That was the subject of a community meeting last week between the Qawalangin tribe and the Aleutian Pribalof Islands Association. Download Audio

Deadliest Catch alum seeks to write book on Unalaskan experiences

Were you living in Unalaska in the 70s or 80s? If so, Christian Skovly is looking for you. The Californian wants to make a book of stories of life in Unalaska at that time. Download Audio

49 Voices: Tim Pominville of Eagle River

This week we're hearing from Tim Pominville from Eagle River. We caught up with Tim in downtown Anchorage where he works at the Glacier Brewhouse. Download Audio

49 Voices: Jenna Holcomb of Anchorage

This week we're hearing from Jenna Holcomb in Anchorage. Holcomb is a life-long Alaskan and works at the Brown Bag Sandwich Company. Download Audio

New bill would replace misdemeanor charges for underage drinking with fine

Underage kids caught drinking alcohol won’t rack up a permanent charge on their record under a bill that passed the legislature last week. Download Audio

ShoreZone photographers shoot thousands of photos to map changing coasts

How many photos do you figure you shoot out the window when you take a trip? 5? 10? 20? How many of you take a picture every three seconds? KUCB’s Zoe Sobel caught up with a helicopter crew of modern mapmakers who shoot 3 to 5 thousand photos a day. Download Audio