Zachariah Hughes, Anchorage Daily News

Zachariah Hughes, Anchorage Daily News
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Former head of Anchorage Health Department settles fraud suit with state for $30,000

The Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs brought a lawsuit against Joe Gerace after the state said it discovered he’d misrepresented his military rank and believed he received undeservedly high pay.
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Iditarod penalizes Dallas Seavey for ‘not sufficiently’ gutting moose he shot in defense of team

A panel of race officials handed down a two-hour penalty for the infraction, which will be added to Seavey’s mandatory 24-hour rest.
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Iditarod reinstates musher Eddie Burke Jr. after state drops assault charges

At the time of his disqualification Monday, Burke was facing two assault charges stemming from a 2022 incident.
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Roof of vacant, condemned Anchorage warehouse partially collapses under snow load

The owner of the warehouse on Gambell Street said the building had been condemned and was slated for demolition.
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Anchorage mayor sent equipment to clear rutted state roads, leaving many neighborhoods unplowed

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson stood by the decision to strike an informal deal, calling it “a matter of public safety.”

Banishment of Kipnuk principal followed allegations of disrespect, poor communication and COVID safety fears

Leaders in Kipnuk say the principal there bullied Native school staff members, ignored COVID-19 restrictions and oversaw a decline in education quality.