Yereth Rosen, Alaska Beacon

a no-lifeguard sign

Alaska’s rate of drownings, highest in nation, changed little in 6 years, state report says

Alaska’s extreme conditions, including cold waters, heighten drowning risks. Human errors added to those conditions can produce tragedies.
heroin and fentanyl

Bills on drug crimes and confinement of offenders fall short in Alaska Legislature

Both bills are responses to tragedies; each bill passed one legislative body but was still being reviewed in the other chamber’s judiciary committee.
an aerial view of a remote community

COVID vaccination effective in protecting vulnerable Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, study says

The region has some of the nation’s lowest water and sewer service levels and highest overcrowding rates, raising residents' risk to spreading infections.
A vast expanse of Interior Alaska's boreal forest

Alaska House follows Senate to pass bill authorizing sale of carbon credits from state land

Senate Bill 48 authorizes the leasing of state land for up to 55 years for preservation of its powers to absorb atmospheric carbon.

Rabies in Alaska bats is very rare, but caution is warranted, state medical experts say

State officials say Alaskans who encounter bats should avoid any physical contact. The state's last rabid bat was found last June near Juneau.
Army soldiers

As Alaska duties evolve and expand, military branches’ housing needs grow, leaders say

Available housing is scarce in Fairbanks for Air Force and Army personnel, and the Coast Guard is building new housing in coastal communities.

Antibiotic-resistant microbes lurk in poop of Anchorage moose, UAA research finds

Like other animals in the wild, the big animals that roam Alaska’s largest city are carrying bacteria that cannot be killed by commonly used medicines.
an outdoor setting

Advocates make an economic-development case for improving Alaska’s outdoor trails

Funding decisions should consider trails’ role in an outdoor recreation sector that is a bright spot in the state’s troubled economy, they say.
a vape shop

Alaska young adults tripled e-cigarette use in recent 5-year period, report says

A new report shows Alaska posted the nation’s highest rate of increase in electronic cigarette use by young adults from 2016 to 2021.
the Beaufort Sea

Liberty, an ambitious offshore oil project that once sparked excitement, is now in limbo

The saga of what was once considered a cutting-edge Arctic development provides a cautionary tale about big Alaska oil projects.
a group of women

High fashion at high latitudes: Event showcases Indigenous design

The fourth annual Far North Fashion Show held last Thursday drew a packed crowd to the Anchorage Museum of History and Art.
Vera Metcalf

Sea ice, critical to ecosystems and communities, looms large at Alaska conference

The long-term loss of sea ice is causing disruptions, challenges and some economic opportunities, Arctic Encounter Symposium panelists say.
the Willow project

New revenue estimate for Willow project presents rosier picture for Alaska treasury

Changed assumptions about tax credits, oil prices and other factors resulted in an estimate of early cash losses over a shorter period.
a sunflower sea star

Threatened listing proposed for sunflower sea star after population devastated by wasting disease

The creature, with a range from Baja California to the Aleutians, would be the first sea star with an Endangered Species Act listing.
seaweed cultivation

Seaweed farming inspires high hopes in Alaska for economic and environmental benefits

Seen as a bright spot in a troubled coastal economy, seaweed cultivation must overcome many obstacles to become big business in Alaska.
downtown Anchorage

Alaska’s working-age population on decline since 2013 peak, and recovery chances seen as dim

Alaska’s working-age population peaked 10 years ago, and the rate of loss since then is among the nation's highest, according to state officials.
a brown bear

U.S. Supreme Court lets stand a ban on baiting of brown bears in Alaska’s Kenai refuge

The court declined to hear an appeal from the state and Safari Club that sought to strike down the wildlife refuge’s ban.
kuspuks on chairs

Rapes and aggravated assaults push Alaska’s violent-crime rates up; property-crime rates fall

Alaska’s rate of violent crimes has increased, a contrast to national trends driven by extremely high statewide rates of rape and aggravated assault.
An emergency sign outside a hospital.

Report shows wide regional disparities seen in Alaska colorectal and lung cancer rates

Rates of colorectal cancer in certain parts of rural Alaska are up to 2.5 times as high as the state average.
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Biden nominates Alaska scientist as nation’s first Arctic ambassador

Mike Sfraga is the chair of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission.