Vikram Patel, KSKA Contributor

Independent producer Vikram Patel works full-time for the Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department. In his free time, he volunteers for local storytelling program Arctic Entries and produces "New Arrivals," a profile series on KSKA about newcomers to Anchorage.

AK: Leaving Alaska on the ferry

Alaska is a big place, but doesn’t have a lot of roads to show for it. It does have the Alaska Marine Highway System, and Alaskans travel all over the state on the ferry. Some people use the it to move to Alaska, and others when it’s time to leave. That latter group includes Alaska Public Media correspondent Vikram Patel, reporting from from somewhere between Haines, AK and Bellingham, WA, last November.

49 Voices: Don Allen on the MV Columbia

This week we’re hearing from Don Allen aboard the ferry, the MV Columbia. Allen has been the officers board and room steward there for 14 years. Listen now

Murkowski and Sullivan recommend federal judge nominees to President Trump

Alaska may soon have a new federal judge. There are only three full-time U.S. District Court judge positions in Alaska, and one of them has been vacant for nearly a year and a half.

Federal government updates navigability determination for Upper Knik River

"BLM announced that they revisited an old navigability determination on the Knik River, and in doing so, they have essentially reversed their decision on finding that the river is navigable from Friday Creek all the way to the Knik Glacier," Goodrum said.

Nursing Narratives turns the spotlight on unique experiences

Every day, Nurses come home with stories. This week, seven nurses got on stage to share some of their favorites as part of National Nurses Week. From life to death, serious to funny, they showcased the whole gamut of the profession. Listen now
Surface fuels burn in the Moose Creek Fire late Saturday afternoon near Sutton. The fire is now estimated at 216 acres and there are 50 personnel working to suppress it. (Photo by Sarah Saarloos/Alaska Division of Forestry)

As fire season approaches, trees and grasses have yet to green up

With temperatures rising and little rainfall across much of the state: fire season is here. But Alaska’s trees and grasses aren’t quite ready. Listen now

Project Citizens program puts middle-schoolers in charge of civics projects

Civic engagement sounds, let's face it, pretty boring to most people. But the eighth graders at Gruening Middle School in Eagle River don't seem bored at all. They’re competing in Project Citizen, a program that teaches students how to participate in local and state government, training politicians of the future. The state competition took place in Fairbanks on April 21st. Listen now