Tyler Thompson, KDLG - Dillingham

Tyler Thompson, KDLG - Dillingham
A woman in an apron standing next to a rack full of clothes

How a Dillingham hairstylist turned her salon into a free store

People can donate anything from clothes to furniture to daily necessities. The shop also serves as a place for anyone to get out of the cold and warm up.
A chart shows temperatures plummeting in November.

Bristol Bay, like Bethel, also just recorded its coldest November in 80 years

Areas across the region broke both daily and monthly records. For King Salmon, it's the coldest November on record. In Dillingham, wind chills dropped to negative 41 degrees. That's the lowest November wind chill in 50 years.
Boats at a dock.

One man is dead and another missing after their skiff sinks near Whittier

Troopers say 28-year-old Stefan Weingarth of Anchorage and 28-year-old Luki Akelkok III of Dillingham were coming back from a hunting trip on Esther Island when they encountered bad weather.
A family poses for a photograph outside.

With Alaska’s vaccine sweepstakes ending soon, Dillingham winner encourages others to get the shot

Leo Roehl said he’s still in shock after winning $49,000 for getting his COVID-19 vaccine. “I mean, I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Still kind of a dream — still waiting to get pinched.”
A river otter in a box

River otter in Dillingham tests positive for rabies

The otter was spotted in the harbor in Dillingham. When ADF&G captured the otter, it was covered in porcupine quills which is abnormal. Three cases of rabies were reported in Dillingham foxes this spring.
A woman and man pick fish from a net on a beach

Rapid erosion threatens set net fishery in Southwest Alaska village

The beach acts as natural infrastructure for the fishery. But the rapidly eroding coastline takes away a top layer of gravel. That causes weight issues for the trucks delivering large catches to the processor about a mile away.
A man in a winter jacket and boots stands on a muddy patch of a swampy lagoon.

Researchers roll out new erosion tracking tech in Bristol Bay

Researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks will travel to Dillingham this week to continue erosion research in Bristol Bay’s coastal communities.
Four girls stand in a clssroom

Fifth graders campaign to change ‘squaw’ in Dillingham road name

Alora Wassily, Trista Wassily and Harmony Larson were learning about the history of colonization in social studies class in Dillingham. They visited with the Curyung Tribe and learned the story of “The Seven Sisters.” Then, they decided to try to change the name of a road.

New report: Value of Bristol Bay subsistence salmon would cost Alaska families $5 to $10 million to replace

It would cost Alaska families $5 to $10 million to replace the value of subsistence-caught Bristol Bay salmon in their diets.
A white SUV with a blue strip that says 'troopers'

Dillingham law enforcement involved in shooting; person brought into custody

Dillingham Police and Alaska State Troopers were involved in a shooting with an individual in Dillingham Thursday afternoon. The individual was brought into custody at 5:30 p.m. The scene is under investigation.
A large bull caribou trots through tundra

Biologists find first cases of infectious bacteria in Southwest Alaska caribou herd

Brucellosis can be lethal to caribou and can also lead to miscarriages.
A native man in a blue anorak and a tie

Alaska Native leader Trefon Angasan passes away from complications of COVID-19

Angasan was the chairman of the Alaska Peninsula Corporation. He was also a founding member, and he served on the board for more than 42 years.
An aerial view of a beluga and a baby beluga in gray water

Environmental groups say Pebble could threaten the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale

Conservationists are raising concerns about adding yet another stressor to an already endangered whale population — the proposed Pebble Mine.
A giganticly obese grizzly bear stands knee deep in a river.

747 wins heavyweight title in Katmai’s annual Fat Bear Week

A park ranger who oversaw the contest said the bear is the biggest he's seen in the park.
A wide waterfall with bears hunting salmon

Bears are fatter than ever for Fat Bear Week

Strong salmon runs over the last few years, the bears in the annual contest are looking chubbier than ever.
A musk ox crossing a dirt road with spruce trees in the background .

Musk ox don’t live in Manokotak. Why is there a musk ox in Manokotak?

A rare sighting of a bull musk ox has been caught on camera.
A digital simulation showing different

Pebble closes in on a federal permit, supporters and critics respond

Critics say that the environmental impact statement was flawed.

F/V Knot Crazy sinks in Nushagak Bay

Nobody was hurt or injured, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.
Several 30-foot fishing boatsin the water

New rule makes seasonal fishermen and crew members eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program

Alaska's congressional delegation pushed for the changes.

A new transportation route for the proposed Pebble Mine faces backlash from land owners

The Army Corps of Engineers plans to release its final environmental review for the proposed Pebble Mine later this summer. Last month, the Corps changed which transportation corridor it recommends. The route cuts through land owned by several Bristol Bay entities that refuse to grant Pebble access to their properties.