Tovia Smith - NPR

Tovia Smith - NPR

In the battle over books, who gets to decide what’s age-appropriate at libraries?

There are efforts to change how decisions are made about which books libraries should stock and which section they belong in.
A mass of people with signs that say Trump and Trump Won.

They believe in Trump’s ‘Big Lie.’ Here’s why it’s been so hard to dispel

The resilience of the "Big Lie" is prompting consternation and creative efforts to reach those who remain adamant — despite all evidence to the contrary — that the 2020 presidential vote was rigged.

Hotels and restaurants that survived pandemic face new challenge: staffing shortages

For seasonal businesses who've managed to survive all the blows dealt by the pandemic over the past 14 months, this summer is make-or-break time. And owners are once again, forced to get creative.