Tom Banse, NNN - Oregon


All manner of waterborne entries on starting line of race to Alaska

It was so memorable they had to do it again. The 750-mile Race to Alaska is back for a second year as 43 teams of sailors, rowers and paddlers prepare to set off from Port Townsend, Washington at 6 a.m. on Thursday. Download Audio

Tsunami castaways go on display at Oregon coast aquarium

Fishing buoys, fuel drums and even a derelict squid boat were among the tons of debris that floated into Alaska waters after Japan’s 2011 devastating earthquake and tsunami. An Oregon aquarium is about to open a display of the disaster’s living legacy on March 11.

Despite Stiff Competition, Alaska Airlines Logs Record Profits

Delta Air Lines continues to expand on Alaska's home turf. Alaska Air Group CEO Brad Tilden told Wall Street analysts his carrier is "doubling down" on service to hold its rival at bay. Download Audio

A Pilgrimage To Minidoka: ‘We Can See The Memories Slipping Away’

Living witnesses to the forced relocation of West Coast Japanese-Americans during World War II are growing fewer every year. Many who were incarcerated are in their 80s and 90s now. Download Audio:

Alaska Airlines Employees Receiving Hefty Bonus

Thousands of Horizon and Alaska Airlines workers will receive hefty bonuses in their paychecks next month. The Seattle-based airline group on Thursday announced a second straight year of record annual profits.

Some States, Federal Government Ponder Ocean Zoning

You’ve heard of neighborhood zoning. Now there’s a move afoot to zone the ocean. Oregon, Washington State and the federal government all have fledgling plans to coordinate competing ocean uses.

Officials Push for Higher Penalties for Mislabeling Fish

Some seafood sold in the Pacific Northwest isn’t what it seems. Mislabeled fish is more common than you might think, according to the few cops trying to make sure you get the species you paid for.

Scientist to Investigate Salmon Striking Virus

Federal fisheries scientists plan to survey Alaska and Pacific Northwest waters to determine if a harmful European fish virus has spread here.

Little Fish Keeping Big Fish on Consumers’ Tables

Every big fish that lands on your plate got that big by eating lots and lots of little fish. That’s why some scientists, fishery managers and advocacy groups are paying more attention to the small prey in the sea.

Scientists Investigate Fish Habitat Theory

Scientists know that climate warming will move fish habitat northwards, but they are just beginning to put numbers on that theory.