Theo Greenly, KUCB - Unalaska

a map

Russian military conducts exercises in Bering Sea

A Coast Guard cutter is patrolling along the U.S./Russia Maritime Boundary Line as Russian vessels perform various tactical exercises.
Shishaldin Volcano

Mount Shishaldin simmers down after explosive eruption

This was the stratovolcano’s latest eruption in a summer of increased activity.
an ambulance

King Cove celebrates new ambulance

King Cove's fire chief said the renovated ambulance holds greater significance in the remote community than it might someplace else.
a group of people on a boat

After 200 years, a traditional Unangax boat is making a comeback

The community built the b in the spring, but they’ve been waiting for the launch for much longer — it had been 200 years in the making.
Trident Seafoods' Akutan plant

Aleutians East Borough prepares for revenue loss as Trident builds new plant

The Trident Seafoods facility on Akutan is the largest fish processing plant in North America, but the company is building a new facility in Unalaska.
Typhoon Nuri

Alaska geologists dig into Bering Sea’s past storms to understand future ones

Extreme weather events like Typhoon Merbok are becoming more common, and many Alaska communities are wondering about the future.
construction workers and machinery at a coastal construction site

Trident’s new processing plant in Unalaska will be the largest in North America

The plant will focus on automation, renewable energy and on 100% protein capture — being so efficient that not a scrap of fish is wasted.
the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

King Cove pushes back against court’s decision that limits controversial road

Thursday's decision effectively lets the U.S. government withdraw from a land swap allowing construction of the controversial King Cove road.
northern fur seals

Proposed Bering Sea marine sanctuary draws pushback from fishing industry

A proposed marine sanctuary in the Pribilof Islands has drawn major pushback from the commercial fishing industry.
a map of proposed Unalaska military bases

Military training program returns to Unalaska, a possible step towards Arctic port development

Army officials are scheduled to visit Unalaska in April, following up on a 2020 visit assessing the island's ability to host a larger military presence.
Unalaska Department of Public Safety

Unalaska settles suits claiming hostile police work environment for $765K

Four former city police officers all sued during the tenure of police chief Jay King, who resigned in December.
a boat in Unalaska

End of year brings record rains to Unalaska

A typical December brings about 6 inches of rain to Unalaska. But the island has already received more than 10 inches this month.
flooding around a series of homes

‘Unusual for sure’: Excessive rain triggers flood warning in Unalaska

The city has closed several roads and public buildings.
a GCI cable

GCI fiber optic cable to Unalaska repaired, weeks before launch

Repair crews on Sunday completed splicing GCI’s fiber optic cable near Unalaska that was damaged by a ship’s anchor in late November.
an Unalaska valley

Unalaska city eyes wind power as geothermal project simmers

The City of Unalaska is once again considering wind power as a potential energy source, something the city council has taken up in meetings as far back as 1999.
Crabs coming out of a pot.

Commercial Tanner crab fishery opens in Eastern Aleutians for the first time in 5 years

While that’s great news for the fishery, only one section of the district will open — Makushin/Skan Bay, on the western side of Unalaska Island.
a cable ship

GCI Aleutians fiber optic cable damaged, likely by ship’s anchor

GCI does not expect the damaged cable to delay its plans to turn on service to Unalaska by the end of the year.
a volcano

5 Aleutian volcanoes show signs of unrest

Four Aleutian volcanoes have been under elevated alert levels for about a year — and now they’re joined by a fifth, the ice-filled caldera of Takawangha west of Adak.
Unalaska Bay

Army Corps of Engineers moves forward with Unalaska bay dredging project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is moving forward with dredging the entrance to Iliuliuk Bay, a project that has been in the works for years.
Dutch Harbor

The Aleutian Islands could become a hub for zero-emissions shipping

Unalaska and Adak islands in the Aleutians are in perfect locations to become pit stops in a trans-Pacific green corridor, refueling hydrogen-powered ships.