Theo Greenly, KUCB - Unalaska

a boat in Unalaska

End of year brings record rains to Unalaska

A typical December brings about 6 inches of rain to Unalaska. But the island has already received more than 10 inches this month.
flooding around a series of homes

‘Unusual for sure’: Excessive rain triggers flood warning in Unalaska

The city has closed several roads and public buildings.
a GCI cable

GCI fiber optic cable to Unalaska repaired, weeks before launch

Repair crews on Sunday completed splicing GCI’s fiber optic cable near Unalaska that was damaged by a ship’s anchor in late November.
an Unalaska valley

Unalaska city eyes wind power as geothermal project simmers

The City of Unalaska is once again considering wind power as a potential energy source, something the city council has taken up in meetings as far back as 1999.
Crabs coming out of a pot.

Commercial Tanner crab fishery opens in Eastern Aleutians for the first time in 5 years

While that’s great news for the fishery, only one section of the district will open — Makushin/Skan Bay, on the western side of Unalaska Island.
a cable ship

GCI Aleutians fiber optic cable damaged, likely by ship’s anchor

GCI does not expect the damaged cable to delay its plans to turn on service to Unalaska by the end of the year.
a volcano

5 Aleutian volcanoes show signs of unrest

Four Aleutian volcanoes have been under elevated alert levels for about a year — and now they’re joined by a fifth, the ice-filled caldera of Takawangha west of Adak.
Unalaska Bay

Army Corps of Engineers moves forward with Unalaska bay dredging project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is moving forward with dredging the entrance to Iliuliuk Bay, a project that has been in the works for years.
Dutch Harbor

The Aleutian Islands could become a hub for zero-emissions shipping

Unalaska and Adak islands in the Aleutians are in perfect locations to become pit stops in a trans-Pacific green corridor, refueling hydrogen-powered ships.
a tugboat

Nationwide labor shortage hits Alaska tugboats

An entry-level tugboat cook can earn $80,000 without a college degree, working about six months out of the year — but many of those positions remain unfilled.
Grenades and weapons laid out on a table

Army Corps teaches Unalaskans how not to get blown up by WWII-era munitions

The U.S. military left lots of unexploded ordnance when they were stationed in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
A sweeping view of the Unalaska Valley and Dutch Harbor

Army Corps makes plans to clean up contaminated WWII-era sites in the Unalaska Valley

The cleanup will focus on underground facilities used to store fuel tanks.
A blue and white ferry in the left hand side of the image sails in foggy weather and a foggy mountain in the background

Masks now optional on Alaska ferries

Although passengers and employees are no longer required to wear masks, the federal CDC still recommends that people wear face coverings while indoors and on public transportation to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
A volcanic dome and crater surrounded by clouds and fog

Unalaska tribe gets federal money for geothermal project to source energy from active volcano

For decades, green energy proponents have been trying to harness geothermal energy from an active volcano on Unalaska Island.
Boats at port with mountains in the background

Longshore union says it stands in solidarity with Ukraine, stops handling Russian cargo

The labor union represents more than 20,000 U.S. dockworkers across the West Coast of the United States, including roughly 350 in Alaska.
A magnet on the side of a truck with a rat crossed out

The Aleutians have a rat problem. Scientists are trying to solve it.

“The rats are like an oil spill that keeps on spilling, year after year,” said Steve Delehanty, the refuge manager for the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.
Two women working with bone fragments inside

Mercury levels in Stellar sea lion pups are rising. Researchers look to the past to find out why.

A new research project is building a timeline of mercury levels in the Aleutian Islands over the last few thousand years.
A portrait of a woman in her regalia.

Engineering professor fosters university community for Alaska Native students: ‘It’s full circle’

Alaska Native students are vastly underrepresented on college campuses. When it comes to STEM — fields that are especially dominated by white men — Alaska Native students face even greater barriers.
A valley with some snow on a bright day.

Space tech startup examines Unalaska for potential satellite launch site

A tech startup that visited Unalaska in 2020 as a potential satellite launch site says they are finalizing their choice of location. And while communication between the company and the city began to fade earlier this year, the startup says Unalaska is still in the running.
green island in the sea

After thousands of years, dormant Davidof Volcano in the Aleutians might be waking up

The three Aleutian volcanoes that have been erupting simultaneously in recent months could be joined by a fourth. Davidof Volcano in the Western Aleutians has remained inactive for thousands of years. But a series of earthquakes measured around the dormant volcano has some researchers wondering if Davidof is waking up.