The Salmon Project

The Salmon Project
The Salmon Project is about Alaskans and our deep, personal relationships with wild salmon. It’s about our connections to salmon, as a food, as a source of pride, as a way of life, and as the focus of a lot of fun.

“Salmon Memories”

My brother Lee and I were excited about the new big boat. Dad said "Let's get going," yet somehow we understood "I'll meet you there." Fifteen minutes later, a mile and a half from shore, Dad was so small waving his arms in his dark coat. I pointed and Lee looked, then we turned around. Read more

“Good Luck Charms” by Leah C.

My cousin Sandra and her husband took their newly purchased boat and we headed south out of Ketchikan to try and catch some coho. We started late in the day, but we stopped the motor to drift and tried our luck at casting. Lance, Sandra's husband, got the first fish bite, but it got away. Sandra asked me if I had any nibbles, but I didn’t yet. We moved toward Mountain Point and started to catch small rockfish and bullheads, but they weren’t coho so we released them all. We started to lose hope of catching anything to keep. Read more