Tegan Hanlon & Nathaniel Herz, Alaska Public Media

Tegan Hanlon & Nathaniel Herz, Alaska Public Media

Arctic refuge lease sale goes bust, as major oil companies skip out

The first-ever oil and gas lease sale in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge marks a historic and controversial moment in a 40-year battle over whether to drill for oil on the northeast Alaska land.
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Should I dipnet? Or open the mail? Here’s how Zink and 5 other Alaska health experts manage COVID-19 risks in their daily lives

You probably know that health officials have warned about going to parties and bars. But how risky is hiking or dipnetting? How about ordering takeout? Should I send my kids to daycare? Alaska Public Media recruited six local experts to tell us how they answer those questions for their own families.

University of Alaska president resigns amid blowback from Wisconsin job search

Monday’s surprise announcement from the University of Alaska Board of Regents comes amid escalating calls for Jim Johnsen to step down as UA president following his interviews for a job in Wisconsin, and comments he made about diversity and the PFD during that process.