Tara Bicknell, KHNS - Haines

Tara Bicknell, KHNS - Haines
Tara Bicknell is a reporter at KHNS in Haines.

Survivor Speaks About Deadly Haines Avalanche

A snowboarder who survived the massive avalanche that killed two people near Haines this week is speaking out about the incident. Brandon Corbett was in a group of heli-skiers and snowboarders on a mountain about 20 miles from Haines Tuesday morning when the accident happened. The avalanche killed 26 year old Nickolay Dodov, and a guide, 35-year-old Rob Liberman.

Second Skier Dies From Avalanche Injuries

A second skier has died from his injuries from an avalanche that hit a group of six heli-skiers outside of Haines yesterday.

Ski Guide Dies In Haines-Area Avalanche

A heli-skiing guide is dead after an avalanche struck a party of six skiers outside of Haines today. The avalanche was reported shortly after 11 a.m., as rescuers were in the process of locating two missing skiers caught in the snow. The other skier who was caught, a guided client is clinging to life.

State Gives Money To Central Council Tlingit, Haida Tribe’s Child Support Unit

The State of Alaska agreed to release more than $50,000 to Central Council Tlingit and Haida Tribe’s Child Support Unit. The court agreement allows the Council to disperse the money to some families who have been waiting for years to see it.

Bird Enthusiasts Hoping To Make Haines A Center For Research

Bird enthusiasts in Southeast Alaska want to make Haines a center for bird research, by establishing a station that will band birds and scientifically monitor bird migration patterns.

Haines Requesting Assistance For Displaced Residents

A Southeast town continues to watch five acres of residential land slowly migrate downhill toward the ocean. As Tara Bicknell reports from Haines, the emergency situation is growing to involve state and federal assistance.

Geological Crack Threatens Haines Homes, Roads

A geologic phenomenon scientists are calling a “slow creeping event” is threatening homes and vital roadways in the Southeast Alaska town of Haines. And warm weather in the forecast is only causing more concern.

Haines School Workers Get Some Social Security Money Returned

Some school workers in Haines are getting retirement investments returned to them early, in checks as large as $22,000, after the district alerted them that Social Security took too much out of their paychecks.

Alcan 200 Snowmachine Race Starts This Weekend

The Alcan 200 snowmachine race is this weekend in Southeast Alaska. The 43rd annual event takes over the Haines Highway from the Canada – U.S. Border to Yukon’s Desadesh Lake on Saturday, as riders and their support teams from around Alaska and Canada race for a prize pot of thousands of dollars.

Unusually Large Crack Develops In Haines Road

Engineers from Seattle and the Alaska Department of Transportation are on their way to Haines, to look at an unusually large crack that developed this week in a section of road.

Year In Review: Haines, Unalaska and Homer

APRN and our affiliates are using this last week of 2011 to look back on some of the stories that left an impression. Some because they were fun, but some because they were difficult to report on.

Cook Inlet Vessel Traffic Study Glimpses into Waterway’s Future

A new study on Cook Inlet vessel traffic is giving planners a clear idea of what the waterway’s future will look like.

Klukwan, Inc. Closes Haines Office

Klukwan, Inc. closed its Haines office late last week. The board of directors for the native corporation met over the weekend, and there is a possibility they could re-open the office at a later date.

Marine Highway Under New Leadership

The Governor’s Advisory Board on the state’s marine highway system has new leadership. The Marine Transportation Advisory Board met late last week in Skagway - home of Mike Korsmo, outgoing Chair of the board.

Themed Cruises Gain Popularity

Cruise ships have been visiting Alaska for decades, but they are not like they used to be. Tara Bicknell, from member station KHNS, reports from Skagway on a emerging trend in the industry.

Stranded Hiker Rescued Near Skagway

An injured hiker stranded on the rocks near Skagway was heard by the lookout on the state ferry Malaspina and rescued by the crew last Thursday night.