Shiri Segal

Shiri Segal
Shiri joined Alaska Public Media in January 2018.  Before joining AKPM, she worked as a News Production Assistant for Anchorage’s ABC/FOX/CW affiliate for six years.  Outside of work, she enjoys painting, metal clay jewelry, thrift shopping, hanging out with family/friends and traveling. Shiri is an avid traveler has been to a couple different places in Europe, Israel and Japan. She has also resided in a few of the aforementioned. She enjoys research on cultural topics and is learning several different languages including Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and, in addition, historical languages such as Medieval English and Latin.

Living My Dream at Antiques Roadshow | INDIE ALASKA

Misty, a lifelong collector, has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of experiencing the renowned Antiques Roadshow in Alaska. Join her as she unveils her cherished possessions and finds out if they prove to be valuable treasures or sentimental keepsakes.

Crochet’s comeback: A Siberian Yupik’s modern twist | INDIE ALASKA

Meet Mek, a Siberian Yupik artist in Anchorage who is revolutionizing the world of fashion! Through an amazing talent for crochet, Mek has created some of the most stylish balaclavas, scarves, and crop tops with a modern twist.
From cupcakes to lactation cookies | INDIE ALASKA

From cupcakes to lactation cookies | INDIE ALASKA: Where are they now?

It has been 8 years since Indie Alaska met with Kastle Sorensen, winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars Season 9. We met with her again in 2022 withe new goodies to share.
Alaska Insight host with guests

A historic number of people resettled in Alaska this year. What happens once immigrants, refugees, and migrants arrive? | Alaska Insight

Every year, people resettle in Alaska after escaping conflict in other parts of the world. The reasons they left their homes and the circumstances under which they arrived may be different, but they’re all looking for the same thing – safety and security for their families.
A man works on building a Sugpiaq Alutiiq Kayak and includes historical image of kayak

How kayaks (qayaqs) are rejuvenating Alaskan Sugpiaq culture | INDIE ALASKA

Jonathon Sawden normally works in HR, but sees an importance to tell the world that his people, the Sugpiaq (Sookh-pee-ahk) and other Native peoples are still here. Here, Jonathon and another young apprentice artist are working together with a Master Kayak builder to learn the techniques to build traditional boats and be the next generation to keep the craft and culture alive.

Redistricting could reshape the Alaska Legislature. Here’s how.

Every ten years, a State board redraws the boundaries of Alaska’s legislative districts. The process is long and technical, but there’s a lot at stake. It can determine which party controls the state legislature. Alaska Public Media’s Annie Feidt explains.

Beaded flowers and birds are a cultural connection for this Athabascan artist | INDIE ALASKA Angela Łot'oydaatlno Gonzalez is a Koyukon Athabascan woman who learned traditional beading as a child. But with the hustle and bustle of adulthood, she lost touch with some of her Alaska Native cultural traditions...

Kuspuks and Parkys: Symbols of Alaskan Identity | INDIE ALASKA Alaskans all have their own taste when it comes to fashion, but one style in particular has grown in popularity throughout the years. Sheila Ezelle absolutely loves making custom kuspuks (Qaspeks) for the summer...

In My Family: Thank you my friend! Dewey teaches Raven how to say "Thank you my friend!" in Koyukon Athabascan.

In My Family: Come here my child Dewey teaches Raven how to say "Come here my child" in Koyukon Athabascan.

In My Family: Thank you my friend! Dewey teaches Raven how to say "Thank you my friend!" in Koyukon Athabascan.

How an Aerial Silk Dancer Uses the Alaskan Wilderness as Her Stage | INDIE ALASKA

Ten years has gone by since Aerialist, Stephany Jeffers fell in love with Aerial Acrobatics at a workshop at the University of Alaska Anchorage. After a few years studying Aerial in the lower 48,...

I am a Wool Waulker | INDIE ALASKA

Lorri Wright has been weaving for years and first learned the craft at the Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild. At first, she started weaving to save money on cloth for sewing, but...

I am a Cultural Artist | INDIE ALASKA

Being raised in multi-cultural family, Thomas Chung has developed a great interest to delve deeper into the traditions of the world.  With the mind to understand the many ideologies and technologies of other cultures,...