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House District 1 race certified tied with uncounted ballot under investigation ahead of Friday recount

The Division of Elections has certified the statewide November election as required by law, leaving a downtown Fairbanks district tied with 2,661 votes each for Democrat Kathryn Dodge and Republican Bart LeBon.

The Open North American Championship sled dog race comes to a close

Roxy Wright won the Open North American Championship sled dog race in Fairbanks over the weekend. The hometown favorite was followed by defending ONAC champ Buddy Steeper of British Columbia, and his wife Lina Steeper, in the three stage, 70 mile sprint competition. Listen now
A sidewalk entryway into a teal school entrance

Fairbanks discusses changing the name of an elementary school

School district officials held a public meeting Monday night at a North Pole elementary school to discuss changing the schools name. Badger Road Elementary is named after Badger Road, which was named for area pioneer, farmer, politician and pedophile Harry M. Badger, who was convicted of raping a 10-year-old girl a century ago. Listen Now
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Fairbanks likely to have new mayor

The City of Fairbanks likely has a new mayor. City council member Jim Matherly has a substantial lead over incumbent John Eberhart, with Frank Turney a distant 3rd, but nearly 700 outstanding ballots remain to be counted. Listen Now

Tanana Road opens

Alaska has a new road, connecting Tanana on the Yukon river. It is the first road to connect a community to the system built by the state in more than 20 years. Listen now
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World Eskimo Indian Olympics to be first without beloved ‘Big Bob’

Opening ceremonies for the World Eskimo Indian Olympics are tonight at 6 o’clock. Competitive events will begin at the Carlson Center this morning at 11. For 56 years, Fairbanks has hosted the event that draws Native athletes and dancers from across the state and even across the circumpolar north. This is the first year without a beloved champion for whom this year’s games are dedicated. Listen now

Fairbanks classroom shows potential for 3-D printing

A classroom in downtown Fairbanks has the beginnings of a science-fiction story turning practical reality. There are 20 computers hooked up to 20 3-D printers in a lab at University of Alaska’s Community and Technical College or CTC. Teachers there believe it is going to be a huge game-changer for Alaska to “print” objects instead of buying them from an outside source. Listen now