Robert Woolsey, KCAW - Sitka

Robert Woolsey is a reporter at KCAW in Sitka.

Sitka objects to ‘critical habitat’ designation for humpback whales

Local officials in Sitka are concerned that a critical habitat designation will be another hurdle in the permitting process for work on the city’s waterfront, and become an impediment to the management of the region’s commercial fisheries.

Sitka settles police whistleblower lawsuit for $325,000

Former Sitka police detective Ryan Silva filed suit in August 2018, claiming he was harassed and demoted after calling out irregularities in the department’s procurement of automatic weapons.

Proposed land trade may turn the tide for Sitka’s maritime industry

The deal has the potential to break a troubling economic logjam in the community.

In Sitka, mild winters push deer population to near-capacity

A biologist attributes the boom in deer population to mild winters since the “Snowpocalypse” of 2007-8. But in biological terms, huge deer numbers are not necessarily a great thing.

Flicked Bics help hunters in a fix

The overdue hunters were located near Wadleigh Island.

Sitka park board shelves large ship plan in favor of utility dock sale

The board of Sitka’s industrial park wants to move forward with the sale of the old utility dock, even if it means letting go of plans to develop a moorage facility for large ships.

In Sitka, Indigenous Peoples’ Day a prelude to broader ‘reconciliation’

As many Sitkans gear up to celebrate the 152nd anniversary of the transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States on Oct. 18, others are working on reframing the holiday to include the idea of “decolonization.”

Sitka land trust breaks ground on affordable cottage neighborhood

The collaborative project will offer houses at a cost well below Sitka's average list price. Some residents hope it will help tackle the community's affordable housing problem.

Struggling under debt, Sitka brewery defaults on $637K city loan

Despite a busy summer season, Sitka’s Baranof Island Brewing Company was unable to get ahead of its large debt, according to its owner.

SE Conference takes aim at Gov. Dunleavy’s cuts to state ferries

The Southeast Conference was founded 58 years ago to help establish the state ferry system. Now it's reckoning with a governor who would close the system down completely.

Can a tiny town in Southeast Alaska reshape how America eats?

Leading food systems researcher and author Mark Winne has identified seven unlikely cities that are changing the way Americans eat. Sitka

Pioneer Home residents fight ‘preposterous’ rate increase

A proposal to more than double the monthly costs for most residents in Alaska’s Pioneer Homes met with stiff opposition during recent public testimony on the issue.

Wind, waves hamper efforts to salvage grounded longliner

Efforts to salvage a fishing vessel which went aground last week south of Sitka have been unsuccessful to date.

Friend and running partner, ‘Rascal’ fatally mauled thwarting bear attack

A dog was attacked and killed on a Sitka trail on Saturday, defending her owner from a brown bear.

AK: A show more real than ‘reality tv’ comes to Sitka

A pair of producers is hoping to put together a show that reflects a more authentic Alaskan experience than what is prevalent in reality television nowadays.

Save the gravy! Team postpones Thanksgiving to free entangled whale

A humpback whale is swimming free after being untangled from mooring lines near Prince of Wales Island on Thanksgiving Day.

Naming ‘Luna Lake’ is a story of survival, loss

A 10-year-old border collie named Luna died when a massive slide wiped out a Forest Service cabin at the headwaters of Redoubt Lake in 2013. Now her former owner hopes to officially name the small lake created by slide in honor of his longtime friend.

Sitka electric utility installs GCI cell towers

The deal could help shave Sitkans’ electric bills by around $2 million over the next 20 years.

Troller rolls, sinks in high winds outside of Sitka Harbor

The Safari reportedly became unstable and took on water after encountering high wind gusts near Kasiana Island.

After power surge, Sitka assists electric customers with insurance claims

At least 50 homes experienced appliance failures — mostly heat pumps — after a utility contractor snapped a guy wire over a week ago, creating a short between high voltage and lower-voltage power lines. Listen now