Robert Woolsey, KCAW - Sitka

Robert Woolsey is a reporter at KCAW in Sitka.
a troller

3 Alaska trollers contemplate a summer without chinook

Barring last-minute legal action, there will be no king salmon troll fishery in Southeast Alaska this summer or winter. Three trollers discuss what that means.
Tim Fulton

Sitka’s airplane equipment maker moves from prototype to production

Former Alaska Airlines "ramper" Tim Fulton's invention, designed to ease loading luggage into airliners, has just been bought by Malaysian Airlines.
a lingcod

What’s the best way to monitor for mercury in Alaska seafoods? Test human hair, says these researchers

Two researchers say the best way to track mercury levels in Alaska seafood isn't testing fish coming over the docks, but testing human hair.
two men

Moments before his sexual-assault trial, a former Sitka doctor takes a plea deal

On the first day of what was expected to be a lengthy trial, 79-year old Richard McGrath made a surprise plea deal for a two-year prison term.
A book called "Whispering Alaska" next to a bear

Tongass coming-of-age story wins prestigious award for eco-lit

A Sitka-based author has taken a detour into young adult fiction, and the diversion has paid off with a national award.
a depth sounder

More likely mud than magma, Sitka’s newest volcano is rising from the depths

A depth sounder near Sitka last month caught what appeared to be a volcano: A perfectly formed cone about 100 feet tall, with a plume of gas trailing from the top.
a design for a fish processing barge

A Sitka fish processor lost everything in 2020. Now it’s planning a comeback.

The 2020 wreck of its fish processing barge in Bristol Bay could have been the end for Northline Seafoods, but the Sitka-based operation is planning a comeback – in a big way.
marijuana plants

Marijuana cultivation to lead Alaskan job growth over next decade

The fastest job growth in Alaska over the next ten years will be in agriculture, but if you’re thinking farmers and cows, think again.
a man

Longtime Sitka Search and Rescue volunteer found dead on Mount Verstovia

Mike Motti was a veteran of Sitka’s Mountain Rescue team. He regularly climbed above treeline to a knoll overlooking Sitka, known locally as Picnic Rock, to celebrate his birthday.
An iPhone screen says the current risk is "low"

New dashboard warns Sitkans of landslide risk

A landslide warning system developed in Sitka is now available to the public as an online dashboard, and work is underway to export the project to other communities in Southeast Alaska. The dashboard was unveiled at...
moving vans parked on a street

Despite near-record job availability, more recent arrivals are choosing to leave Alaska

In the 1990s, just over half of people who moved to Alaska in their 30s stayed for at least 10 years. Lately that’s fallen to about 40%.
A helicopter in the sky

3 crew members rescued after fishing boat sinks off Pelican

Coast Guard Petty Officer Matt Bitinas said the two crews that responded “saved three lives.”
people in a boat pull up a net

Management council declines action on Bering Sea bycatch to address Yukon-Kuskokwim salmon subsistence worries

The vast majority of callers at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting last week called for a reduction in bycatch limits, which they said would help reverse a dramatic trend of salmon declines on the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers.
A man leans against a Chevy Volt

Sitka is looking for a place to put its first public electric vehicle charging station

Sitka a national leader for EV ownership, but there isn’t a single public charging station.

Southeast Native Radio aired for just 16 years, but its voices live on in a new digital archive

Hundreds of hours of Southeast Native Radio broadcasts are now archived on the internet and available for anyone to listen to.
a dormant volcano as seen from plane

No, Mt. Edgecumbe is not about to blow, scientists say

When a series of earthquakes has no clear mainshock that set it off, it’s often described as a swarm.
A bald young man in a Filson jacket poses for a photograph on a porch

Sitka Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins to end his decade-long legislative career

Sitka Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins will end a decade-long legislative career when the Alaska House adjourns sometime later this year.
A photo of an electric meter on the side of a building

Sitka charter operator pleads guilty to electricity theft estimated at $200K

Under a plea agreement, Richard A. Forst must pay $144,925 in restitution to the City of Sitka and fines of $5,200.
A girl in a pink swim cap looks across a lane standing in a pool

Gold medalist Lydia Jacoby shares stories and laps with young Sitka swimmers

“I am inspired,” said one fan at the hour-long event “Inspired at how much faster she is than I am.”