Rhonda McBride, KMXT - Kodiak

Rhonda McBride, KMXT - Kodiak
Man sits next to sign that reads "Let me see her!!"

Kodiak man’s protest ends with no change to hospital visit policy

A Kodiak fisherman camped out for weeks in front of Providence hospital after he was denied entrance to see his daughter who was being treated there. But
A screengrab of a virtual debate. The image shows a countdown timing senators' responses. Also pictured is Rhonda McBride, Dan Sullivan and Al Gross.

Virtual debate: Alaska U.S. Senate candidates face off on fisheries

The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s U.S. Senate debate is the only Alaska political forum of its kind devoted exclusively to fisheries. And Saturday night’s showdown between U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan and his challenger, Al Gross, had some heated exchanges.
A coast guard cutter mooring at a dock with mountains in the background

Kodiak Coast Guard base reports COVID-19 cases

Two of the six cases were reported in children.
Horns pointing out in multiple directions with spruce trees visible in the background

Kodiak’s decades-old Tsunami siren system gets a new song

The sirens are being replaced one-by-one and will offer new sounds and features.

After aborted rocket launch in Kodiak, Astra picks up the pieces

The Alaska Aerospace Corporation says it has begun to open up areas near the Kodiak Pacific Spaceport, closed off after a rocket crashed there on Friday, Sept. 11. The corporation, which was established by...

Kodiak rocket launch ends in fiery explosion

The Astra rocket launch from Kodiak on Friday, Sept. 11, failed, sending the rocket spiraling back to earth where it exploded.
ABout a half dozen bison in a fence on dusty round and blue skies in the background

3 Yellowstone bison arrive at their new home near Old Harbor, Alaska

The bison were brought from Yellowstone National Park in order to help ensure food security for the nearby tribe.
A man in a black suit and red tied looks pensively into the camera

Gary Stevens squeaks out win in Republican primary

Stevens, an incumbent, fell behind on election night but was favored in absentee ballots.
A blue bow with a yellow stripe at a dock

AMHS communities say: Along with passengers, the future rides on the ferry

Advocates are hoping that even if funding for the ferry system isn't at previous levels, it can be more stable that it has been in recent years.
A man in a white robe reads a cell phone in front of several panels of icons in a church

‘She was past this earthly life’: Remembering Natalya Isatchenko, Kodiak’s walking contradiction

Isatchenko, who was killed in a hit-and-run last week, was known around Kodiak for her delicate demeanor and for communing with beings that others couldn't see.
A crane lifts almost up to a white rocket to put fuel into the rocket.

After canceled launch attempts, Kodiak launch port asks for longer window

The Alaska Aerospace Corporation says the windows for last week’s attempted rocket launches at the Kodiak Pacific Spaceport were too narrow.
An aerial view of OBI Seafoods showing a blue-roofed processing plant jutting out into the water from a green island.

OBI Seafoods confirms COVID-19 outbreak at remote Kodiak Island processing plant

A total of 37 people have tested positive for COVID-19 at the plant.
Fish fillets slide down a stainless steel slide in a processing pllant as a worker inspects in the background.

26 new fisheries-related cases of COVID-19 in Kodiak

The cases were reported in a "remote area of the borough" and the alert level of the island remains at a 'green' status.
A brown bear stand in shallow water looking across the water.

Kodiak hardware store owner recovers from bear attack

Responders initially thought the injuries were life-threatening, but realized it was because of the massive amount of blood covering Don Zimmerman.
Photo of area based on the Kodiak Police Department’s cell phone tracking system. The green spot marks the location of where the jogger was when he called police for help after the attack.

Bear attacks jogger on Kodiak’s Pillar Mountain

A elderly man, known to be an avid runner, was carried off Pillar Mountain in an ambulance Sunday after a bear attack.

Disposable masks clog Kodiak’s sewers

People have been flushing disposable masks and gloves down city sewers, according to officials.

Passenger on Alaska ferry tests positive for COVID-19

The passenger boarded the Kennicott in Washington state and disembarked in Whittier and Cordova.