Renee Gross, KBBI - Homer

Renee Gross, KBBI - Homer

A blind man’s complaint over voting accessibility prompted Kenai Peninsula election changes — but are they enough?

While the Kenai Peninsula Borough is taking steps to make elections more accessible to all local voters, the former Homer resident who raised the issue worries it's not enough.

As her Homer neighborhood slides downhill, this woman is fighting to hold someone accountable

Gee Denton is an artist and her home is full of her work, including a stained glass door. (Renee Gross/KBBI) A Homer neighborhood is at risk for a large landslide and the erosion there has already...

Fire destroys hundreds of junkyard cars, officials say

Fire crews arrived at the scene to find 10 cars in flames ⁠— but there wasn't enough water to keep the fire from spreading, and it eventually burned more than 300 scrap vehicles.
A piece of land juts into the water.

‘Pretty much our hometown voice’ – Homer residents mourn loss of local newspaper

The Homer Tribune, one of the city's two newspapers, delivered its last edition Thursday after more than two decades of printing. City residents are mourning its loss.

Whale researchers express deep concern over Hilcorp’s seismic survey

Hilcorp is using air guns to explore the lower Cook Inlet for oil and gas — but some researchers say it will cause irreversible damage to whales and other marine wildlife.
Seldovia, AK. (Photo via KBBI - Homer)

Seldovia’s water supply returns to normal

While the city’s reservoir has returned to a healthy level, residents and businesses are still trying to repair the damage and plan for the future.

Nanwalek residents worry ‘if this is the future of no water’

The Kenai Peninsula village is one of six Alaska communities that have dealt with water shortages this summer, a season of record heat and dryness.

New workforce development program coming to the Kenai Peninsula

The development district is collaborating with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, Kenai Peninsula College, Alaska’s Institute of Technology and multiple others to find out what’s most needed.

Ombudsman report says Board of Fish violated open meetings law

Alaska State Ombudsman Alaska State Ombudsman Kate Burkhart said it was clear that the board wasn’t following the rules.

Nanwalek is rapidly running out of water

A Kenai Peninsula village is rapidly running out of water. Low snowpack and little rainfall has led Nanwalek to declare a water emergency.

Swan Lake Fire takes a toll on Homer businesses

The Swan Lake Fire is causing major delays and closures on the Sterling Highway. And that’s having a big impact on local businesses in Homer, from a loss of tourist dollars to delays in goods.

As Kenai Peninsula dries out, likelihood for fires increases

The Kenai Peninsula is drying out and this summer, fires have sprouted up in some unusual places. Scientists warn about this trend: meaning bigger fires and more of them.

Hilcorp clears some regulatory hurdles to conduct a seismic survey in lower Cook Inlet

Oil and gas development company Hilcorp is planning to survey an offshore lease site in lower Cook Inlet.

Moderate drought hits the Kenai Peninsula

After months of warm weather and little rain, the United States Drought Monitor moved the pendulum last week for the peninsula beyond just abnormally dry.

1 dead, 5 injured in Tutka Bay floatplane crash, Troopers say

A 57-year-old from Maryland died and five others were injured in a plane accident near Tutka Bay Friday morning, according to Alaska State Troopers.

NOAA is trying to encourage more observers to report sexual harassment

NOAA observers jump on board hundreds of vessels each year to make sure commercial fishers are following regulations. But many of the women who perform these duties say they experience sexual harassment.

Bill aims to make health care coverage for school districts cheaper

House Bill 156 would allow municipalities, University of Alaska employees and school districts to opt-in to the state’s health care program.
kenai peninsula borough school district seal

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District staff vote to strike

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District employees voted Wednesday to strike next fall over rising health care costs.

Bear viewing industry brings in millions of dollars to Southcentral’s economy, study says

Some are using the economic study to oppose the Army Corps of Engineers draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Pebble Mine.

Women in Alaska’s fishing industry hope to curb sexual harassment

Many women in the commercial fishing industry say sexual harassment is part of the job. But, being on a boat for weeks or months at a time can make harassment hard to escape and seeking help especially difficult. Now, there’s a push to make the seas safer for women.