Rashah McChesney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau

Rashah McChesney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau
Rashah McChesney is a photojournalist turned radio journalist who has been telling stories in Alaska since 2012. Before joining Alaska's Energy Desk , she worked at Kenai's Peninsula Clarion and the Juneau bureau of the Associated Press. She is a graduate of Iowa State University's Greenlee Journalism School and has worked in public television, newspapers and now radio, all in the quest to become the Swiss Army knife of storytellers.

Through language, a Yup’ik teacher passes on a way of life

As a child, Alice Fitka was punished for speaking her Yup'ik language in school. Since then, she's spent decades teaching it in the Western Alaska village of Tuntutuliak.

49 Voices: John Fitka of Tuntutuliak

This week we're hearing from John Fitka in Tuntutuliak. Fitka was born in Bethel and is a subsistence hunter.

Federal agency delays final environmental review of Alaska’s gasline project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission attributed the delay to the state’s gasline corporation.

Alaska’s oil production future could be bright, but it’s also unpredictable

Oil from new fields could boost the state’s production, but predicting when they’ll come online — and how much money the state will bring in — is tricky.

Legislative Finance gets ready to release its version of Dunleavy’s new budget

Typically, the governor is required to release a budget by mid-December, and the Legislative Finance Division has about a month to get through it before lawmakers come into session. But that didn’t happen this year.

Credit rating agencies watch as Alaska pivots toward a new budget

Right now, there’s a plan in place that kept the state’s credit outlook stable. But there a new governor, and his administration has a new plan for the state’s budget.

Dunleavy appointee resigns after being accused of lying about his credentials

After less than two months on the job, Department of Revenue Commissioner John Quick has resigned.

The state’s new budget director is a well-known fiscal hawk

Donna Arduin has worked on cutting spending for governors in six other states. She’s expected to propose deep cuts to address the $1.6 billion hole in the state’s budget.

Revenue commissioner outlines a new direction for Alaska’s gas pipeline project

That direction looks a lot like a previous version of the project: one that was led by the oil companies on the North Slope.

December jobs report shows modest growth in Alaska’s oil and gas industry

At 6.3 percent, Alaska's unemployment rate is currently the highest in the nation.

Legislature releases audit of Alaska’s gasline corporation

Auditors found that, generally, the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation has followed the restrictions placed on spending the $480 million it has gotten from the state over the last eight years.

Alaska gasline project board ousts its $1 million man

The state’s highest paid employee was fired from $45 billion gas line project today.

State gasline corporation to miss key deadline with Chinese partners

Alaska Gasline Development Corporation is pushing for a six-month extension on negotiations with three Chinese partners interested in the Alaska LNG project.

Dunleavy quietly rolls out Office of Management and Budget appointments

After Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy was sworn into office Dec. 3, one of his first orders of business involved consolidating the state’s financial management.

Winter fuel costs could spike nationwide. Here’s why Alaska is different

Americans who heat their homes primarily with oil could be hit the hardest, with up to a 20 percent jump in prices predicted. But what happens in the Lower 48 doesn’t always apply to Alaska.

What’s so special about the Mustang Field?

How one oil field got more than $95 million in unique state or state-backed loans from Alaska. Listen now

Both major candidates for Alaska governor want higher PFDs. What would it cost?

Democrat Mark Begich and Republican Mike Dunleavy both want higher dividends, but it’s not clear how they intend to pay for them.

Protesters gather at Murkowski’s Alaska offices asking her to torpedo Trump’s Supreme Court pick

Across Alaska today, hundreds gathered at Sen. Murkowski’s satellite offices - rallying against Kavanaugh's nomination. Listen now
A black sign with gold letters hangs on a wooden wall

Permanent Fund managers to look for in-state investment opportunities

It sets a goal of increasing the amount of the Permanent Fund assets invested in-state to at least 5 percent in five years. Listen now

After one year, Feds examine how DOT takeover of environmental reviews is working

There are few areas that could be improved — like one instance where the state should have held a public hearing — and didn’t. And there are questions about having enough staff and allocating the time and money they need for training. Listen now