Quil Lawrence, NPR

Quil Lawrence, NPR
a helicopter

Half of U.S. military bases in the country are in ‘health care deserts’

For hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops and their families, when the Pentagon orders them to find health care off base there is none.
a doctor

After downsizing health care for years, Pentagon says medical readiness was a casualty

After a decade of downsizing, Defense Department officials admit they need to rebuild the medical force and the general health of active duty troops.
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Senators to VA: Stop needless foreclosures on thousands of veterans

The senators say veterans who took a COVID forbearance are now at risk of losing their homes through no fault of their own.

Hotter climate means a never-ending fire season for the National Guard

California used to rely on prison inmates for firelines, which involved a lot more supervision. With National Guardsmen, it’s a military operation.
Korean War veterans

As living memories of the Korean War fade, its consequences become clearer

Seventy years ago, the Korean War ended with a cease-fire, not a victory or a peace deal. Veterans marked the occasion Thursday in Washington, D.C.
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Survey: Surprising to some, veterans are less likely to support extremism

The actual number of military members and veterans with extremist links turned out much lower than many expected, in a RAND Corporation survey.