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Biden’s student loan relief faces its biggest test yet at the Supreme Court

Six GOP-dominated states will ask the Supreme Court on Tuesday to permanently block the Biden administration's student loan forgiveness program.
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Supreme Court hears case of web designer who doesn’t want to work on same-sex weddings

Colorado, like 29 other states, requires businesses that are open to the public to offer equal access to everyone, regardless of race, religion, and sexual orientation, and gender.

Supreme Court restricts the EPA’s authority to mandate carbon emissions reductions

The decision by the conservative court majority sets the stage for further limitations on the regulatory power of other agencies as well.
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Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, has blazed trails all her life

Unlike most judges, her background is not as a prosecutor or major corporate lawyer, and her personal life also defies stereotypes.
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Supreme Court blocks Biden’s vaccine-or-test mandate for large private companies

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Biden administration's vaccine-or-test rule Thursday, declaring that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had exceeded its authority. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Biden...

Roe v. Wade’s future is in doubt after historic arguments at Supreme Court

The right to an abortion in the United States appeared to be on shaky ground as a divided Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday on the fate of Roe v. Wade, the court's 1973 decision that legalized abortion in the United States.

Supreme Court considers whether to reverse Roe v. Wade arguments

An epic argument at the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday: At issue is whether to reverse the court's nearly half-century-old Roe v. Wade decision and subsequent decisions declaring that women have a constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy.
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Supreme Court rules cheerleader’s F-bombs are protected by the 1st Amendment

The U.S. Supreme Court sided with students on Wednesday, ruling that a former cheerleader's online F-bombs about her school is protected speech under the First Amendment.

At Supreme Court, ‘Mean Girls’ meet 1st amendment

The Supreme Court is being asked to establish the rules for disciplining student speech in the internet age. And that is no easy task.