Nina Sparling, KCAW - Sitka

Nina Sparling, KCAW - Sitka

Budget uncertainty could make it harder for the elderly to access medical care

Potential cuts to senior benefits and Medicaid have many concerned. But the elder community faces another potential setback – this one tied to cuts to the Alaska Legal Services Corporation.

Bears try to move in, Angoon sets boundaries

Furry visitors have kept the residents of Angoon on their toes for the past few weeks. Several bears have made a habit of passing through town.
Sitkans gathered during lunchtime on Tuesday, July 2 to bring visibility to their concern about current immigration policy. (Photo by Nina Sparling, KCAW - Sitka)

Sitkans protest conditions in detention centers from afar

The border crisis maybe thousands of miles away, but that hasn’t stopped Sitkans from expressing their disapproval for current immigration policy. A group of about two dozen Sitkans gathered to protest family separation and the detention of migrant children during the lunch hour today, as part of a national day of action.