Martha Rosenstein

Martha Rosenstein

The Alaska Long Trail | Outdoor Explorer

This week on Outdoor Explorer we dive into the Alaska Long Trail. It would connect Seward and Fairbanks via a multi user trail system.

Becoming a sustainable runner | Outdoor Explorer

Zoë Rom is an elite ultra runner and author. She discusses climate activism and running, the importance of community and how to stay active.

Fireweed bike race returns this weekend

This 200-mile race makes its comeback this weekend taking riders from Sheep Mountain Lodge to Valdez! This week on Outdoor Explorer, we talk with president of the board of directors, Sara Wendling about all things race details and catch up with the a few members of the 1wheel1ders, a unicycle team that will be participating in this years race.

50 Years of Photography with Mark Kelley

People come to Alaska for a variety of reasons. Award-winning photographer Mark Kelley came with the hopes of meeting a whale, and almost 50 years later, he’s still here. On this episode of Outdoor Explorer host Martha Rosenstein and Kelley talk about the challenges of photographing wildlife in Alaska, turning his passion into a career and what it’s like to return to a special spot year after year to observe and photograph bears.

Rick Steves and The Art of Europe

On this show, our guest is Rick Steves. If you’ve watched public television in the last 20 years, you likely know him from his travel shows Rick Steves Europe and Travel with Rick Steves. Our discussion covers how he turned his passion for travel into a business as well as climate change and travel, why it’s important to say yes to travel opportunities, and his new show The Art of Europe.

Funding your outdoor lifestyle

Enjoying the outdoors can be done on a tight budget or with all the latest gear and gadgets. All you really need is a pair of shoes and a sense of adventure. But what about when you want to go on a big trip or you need to upgrade your jacket? On this Outdoor Explorer our guest is financial planner and outdoor enthusiast Mike Branham. We talk about finding balance between your outdoor pursuits and saving for your future, ways to maximize your gear budget, and more.