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Armed Suspect Robs Anchorage Bank

Police are looking for information on an armed suspect who allegedly robbed an Anchorage bank Wednesday morning. First National Bank Alaska on Northern Lights Boulevard was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money after a subject arrived to a teller station, displayed a gun and presented a note demanding money.

Six-Day Race at the Alaska Dome Goes Heavy on the ‘Ultra’

August is a popular time for hitting the trails around Anchorage. But fior an elite group of ultrarunners, last week is all about taking their sport indoors. Nearly fifty people from all over the world plodded away in the Alaska Dome last week, trying to log as many miles as they could in six days.

Alaska Dispatch News debuts Tuesday

The Anchorage Daily News is slated to become the Alaska Dispatch News tomorrow (Tuesday), according to a story published over the weekend on the organization's website. Download Audio

Predator Run-Ins Threaten Hikers in the Chugach

A Fish and Game biologist says three wolves appear to have killed a hiker’s dog before stalking the dog’s owner on a popular trail just outside Anchorage last month. Another hiker’s account of a similar incident on a nearby trail may leave some wondering if canid predators are a growing threat on local trails. Download Audio

A Mountaineering Season for the Record Books

This year’s mountaineering season has been one for the record books. Earlier this month, a new speed record was set on Denali. And a team of skiers knocked out back-to-back ascents of the three tallest mountains in the Alaska Range. Download Audio

U.K.-Alaska Relations with Sir Peter Westmacott

Join British ambassador to the United States, Sir Peter Westmacott, for a talk on U.K.-Alaska relations hosted by the Alaska World Affairs Council. British tourists make up nearly a third of all foreign visitors to Alaska. "Brits are quite adventurous people, as they were back in Captain Cook's time," Westmacott says. They're also among the world's top consumers of canned Alaska salmon. Hear Westmacott's perspective from across the pond on Alaska, the Arctic and more. KSKA: Tuesday, June 10, at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Listen now: