Molly Dischner, KDLG - Dillingham

Molly Dischner, KDLG - Dillingham

Report catalogs contaminated land conveyed to Native corporations

Scattered throughout Alaska are hundreds of pieces of land that have been transferred to Alaska Native Corporations by the federal government. Some came with contamination: old schools, tank farms, other structures and even some spills.

Researchers capture bear-salmon interactions on camera

Researchers with the Alaska Salmon Program have found a way to study bears when they come to fish in Happy Creek or any other salmon stream in Bristol Bay: with cameras activated by movement, and barbed wires to snag bear hair. Listen now

Fishing vessel takes on water near Adak

The United States Coast Guard said the Alaska Juris, a 229 foot fishing vessel, was reported to be taking on water this afternoon in the Aleutians. The Coast Guard reports 46 people in survival suits abandoned ship in three life rafts. As of 4 p.m., the Coast Guard was on the way to the ship which was 174 miles from Adak. Listen now
fish in water

Researchers watching sockeye sizes

Alaska’s sockeye salmon came back shorter and lighter than usual last year. As sockeye runs return this summer, biologists have been keeping an eye on their size. Listen now

Bristol Bay brand to feature modern logo, emphasize story

When it comes down to deciding what salmon to serve for dinner, Bristol Bay sockeye is not really known by name, even if it ends up in a lot of meals. The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association is working on a project to change that. Listen now

Study looks at new way to make ice for salmon fleet

Ice is an integral part of many salmon boats’ chilling operations, but getting it isn’t so easy: producing and distributing ice to the fleet is a major undertaking with many players each summer. A recent study looked at making one piece of the puzzle – creating the ice – a little simpler, but that doesn’t mean any changes are on the way right now.

Bristol Bay communities working on processing plants

For decades, many of the processors in Bristol Bay have been large companies, with offices in Washington and parent companies in foreign countries. But two small communities are developing locally-owned processing plants. Download Audio

Researchers study economics of permit ownership, loss

An economics research project is looking at what happened to the Bristol Bay salmon fishing permits initially issued to watershed residents. Download Audio
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Alaska Board of Fisheries looks to restructure how proposals are vetted

Alaska’s Board of Fisheries considers possible changes to each of the state’s fisheries every three years. But later this month, the board will consider changing that process so that some proposals get added to a consent agenda, hopefully shortening the length of each meeting. Download Audio
“Chinook salmon, Yukon Delta NWR.” Photo: Craig Springer, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Via Flickr Creative Commons.

Scientists investigate social patterns of salmon

Each summer, millions of fish return to Bristol Bay, and then swim on to the stream where they were born to spawn, and die. Exactly what compels them to return to the right spot is unknown. But scientists think that some hatchery-raised steelhead in Oregon might hold a clue.

Board of Fisheries not expecting more cuts

As the Legislature finishes its work in Juneau, budgets remain in flux. But so far, there’s one little pocket of state government not anticipating any more cuts – the state Board of Fisheries.

Alaska plans new task force to address heroin, opioids

A new 20-member task force will come up with policy recommendations to help the state address it's growing heroin problem. Download Audio

Egegik incinerator burns down

Egegik’s incinerator burned down Tuesday night, but a quick community response kept any additional area from burning. Download Audio

Zita Air adds passenger service to Bristol Bay communities

Last week, Anchorage-based Zita Air made its first charter run with a Piper Cherokee Lance, delivering folks to Kokhanok for the winter carnival. The flight was months, and even years, molly dismollymn the making. Download Audio

Bristol Bay fishermen tour the East Coast

During a whirlwind east coast tour this month, a group of young Alaska fishermen had the chance to visit the Boston Seafood Show, participate in Slow Fish in New Orleans, and share their concerns with Alaska’s congressional delegations. Download Audio

House subcommittee proposes changes for ASMI

A House subcommittee wants the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to become industry-funded by 2019.

House Fish holds tax increase proposal

To help fill the state’s budget gap, Alaska Governor Bill Walker has asked legislators to consider a variety of tax increases – including raising fisheries taxes by one percent. The bill to do so is now on hold in the House Fisheries Committee. The governor's proposal to increase fish taxes as part of the effort to generate more revenue for the state is on hold. Download Audio

Bering Sea winter fisheries underway

Alaska's winter fisheries are underway, with trawlers getting in the water January 20.

Youngsters learning the trapping tradition

There’s a long tradition of trapping fur-bearing animals in Bristol Bay, and one group of Dillingham youngsters has been learning the ropes this winter. Download Audio

Feds fight fish fraud with new recordkeeping rules

The National Marine Fisheries Service announced last week that it is implementing a new tracking program for seafood imports to help combat illegal fishing and seafood fraud. Importers will have to track where fish were caught, the type of gear used and where it was landed. Director of the Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspections John Henderschedt said the federal government wants a better record of who is catching seafood and where it’s landed before it shows up in U.S. stores.