Mike Swasey, KHNS - Haines

Mike Swasey, KHNS - Haines
A doe and a deer in front of some tall trees

Are non-native mule deer a threat? Fish and Game wants to find out.

Reports of groups of up to 10 mule deer in Southeast Alaska near Skagway have been received by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and there is evidence that fawns are being born here. Studies show that nearby populations harbor a variety of diseases that have biologists concerned.
A city at the edge of a river with mountains in the background

The Yukon’s largest COVID-19 outbreak intensifies, Skagway looks to avoid a similar fate

Canada’s Yukon Territory is in the middle of its largest COVID-19 outbreak to date with 54 active cases and one confirmed coronavirus-related death.
A city at the edge of a river with mountains in the background

COVID-19 outbreak in Yukon Territory linked to high school students, unvaccinated adults

The Yukon Territory’s COVID-19 outbreak climbed from 18 to 21 active cases on Monday. That’s despite nearly three-quarters of the territory’s adult population being fully vaccinated.
A man and woman stand inside of a yurt, in front of a wooden sign that says Foundroot.

Contamination from December rain disaster forces Haines farmers to vacate land

Fearing that runoff from the December rains might have carried contamination to Henderson Farm in Haines, the American Bald Eagle Foundation has told its renters they won't be able to farm their plots this year.

An uncertain summer: Skagway businesses scramble to prepare for short cruise season

Many businesses are unsure how to operate for what looks like a short cruise season in 2021.
A white woman in a blue fleece stands on the beach in front of some mountains

Heather Lende of Haines named Alaska’s Writer Laureate

The Alaska State Writer Laureate program was established back in the 1960s as a partnership between the arts council and the Alaska Humanities Forum. Earlier this month, after a two-year gap in program funding, Haines-based writer Heather Lende was awarded the honor.
A person walks on a boardwalk below a mountain

Alaska’s side of the Chilkoot Trail will be open this summer, but hikers have to turn around at Canada

The Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and Parks Canada have teamed up to open the U.S. side of the Chilkoot Trail to American hikers on June 1. Parks Canada will begin taking reservations on April 27th for multi-day trips starting on or after June 1.
A blue ferry with white cabin pulls up next to an elevated dock on a foggy day.

Matanuska breakdown leaves Southeast Alaska travelers in limbo

The M/V Matanuska is stranded in Bellingham, Washington and residents face a tough choice of hiring an expensive charter or paying for expensive plane tickets.
A ferry at dock

In an effort to save money, the Alaska Marine Highway considers sinking one of its oldest ferries

Officials say sinking the Malaspina would cost up to $1 million, but it would be cheaper than t he $16 million needed in repairs.