Mike Mason, KDLG - Dillingham

Mike Mason is a reporter at KDLG in Dillingham.

Bristol Bay, Unalaska Papers Returning Next Month

The local newspapers for the Bristol Bay and Unalaska regions will be back next month. However, the 2 papers are being combined into one publication.

Legislation To Give Employers Tax Credit If They Hire A Veteran

The Alaska Legislature is scheduled to go back into session on Jan. 17 but in advance of that date lawmakers are starting to reveal some of the bills that will be introduced. One of the bills would give employers who hire a veteran a large tax credit.

Some Peppers Sold In Alaska Recalled Due To Salmonella Concerns

Some Jalapeno Peppers likely shipped to Alaska have been recalled because of potential contamination with salmonella. So far no cases of the disease have been reported here.

Panel Discusses NPFMC Process

The process to set federal fishing policy in the North Pacific relies on public input and sound science. That was the message that came out of a recent panel discussion held in Seattle.

Bristol Bay Seafood Processing Sector Continues Consolidation

The consolidation of the seafood processing sector in Bristol Bay took another step forward this week.

Pat Douglas Selected To Replace Fred Torrisi as Dillingham Superior Court Judge

A local attorney has been appointed to replace retired Dillingham judge Fred Torisi. Pat Douglas is thoroughly familiar with the justice system there, as Mike Mason of member station KDLG reports.

The Great Christmas Tree Challenge is Underway in Bristol Bay

The local college campus in Bristol Bay is asking area residents for a little piece of their Christmas tree.

Big Chunk Super Project Near Pebble Deposit

The Pebble Mine is the most talked about and controversial proposed mining project in Southwest Alaska but it’s not the only project being looked at.

Togiak Herring Run Projections Down

Projections for the once magnificent Togiak Herring run are down. Mike Mason of member station KDLG reports that the forecast has deliberately been set conservatively because of some difficulty gathering field observations last season, and market factors will likely control the amount of effort.

Forecast Out for Next Year’s Sockeye Run

The forecast for the Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is up for next year. Mike Mason of member station KDLG has the Fish and Game Department numbers.

Judge Rules on Land, Water Permits Issue

A Superior Court Judge in Alaska has issued a ruling in a lawsuit related to land and water permits given to the company looking at developing Pebble Mine.

Freshwater Seals Subject of Study Outlined at Fisheries Symposium

The freshwater lake seals that apparently make their home in Lake Iliamna are the subject of an ongoing scientific project that was outlined in some detail during last week’s 27th annual Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium in Anchorage.

‘Forgone Harvest’ Addressed During Fisheries Symposium

The issue of “Foregone Harvest” was among the topics addressed during a major fisheries science symposium that’s ongoing in Anchorage.

Over $118 Million Will Be Given to American Indian, Alaska Native Tribes, Organizations

The U.S. Justice Department has announced that it is handing out over $118-million to American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and organizations. Several in Alaska are receiving some of that money.

Dillingham Hoping to Annex Nearby Bristol Bay Waters

The efforts of Dillingham to annex the nearby waters of Bristol Bay will be brought to the ballot some time early next year - if the Local Boundary Commission makes its approval final next month.

La Nina Likely to Persist into Winter

Conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean that gave Alaska its unusual summer this year are likely to persist into the winter.

HUD Says Try Again on Mortgage Aid

The federal Housing and Urban Development Department has re-opened the home mortgage bridge loan program for people unable to make their mortgage payments. The eligibility requirements have been loosened slightly, so, as Mike Mason at member station KDLG reports, applicants who were turned down may want to try again.

Hydro Potential Seen in Western Alaska State Park

A Bristol Bay area power utility co-operative is looking at the possibility of hydro-electric generation from local lakes. Consultants are at work on engineering tests for the potential hydro projects.

FCC Chairman Visits Dillingham

Late last week, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission was in Dillingham to visit a project that will bring broadband Internet to much of Southwest Alaska. KDLG's Mike Mason was there.

Money Sent to Help Rural Alaska Farmers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is giving $200,000 in grant money to an organization that will help farmers in rural Alaska.