Mike Mason, KDLG - Dillingham

Mike Mason is a reporter at KDLG in Dillingham.

Efforts to Find ‘Supersack’ Remain Unsuccessful

The Dillingham City Council has been updated about a large bag of contaminated dirt that is missing somewhere in the Nushagak River. Last November a barge company mishandled the bag during a transfer from one barge to another at the Dillingham City Dock. And an effort to find it last week was unsuccessful.

Hunters Rescued After Traveling Across Bristol Bay On Ice Floe

Last month four hunters from the village of Platinum were rescued by the Coast Guard after they traveled across all of Bristol Bay on an ice floe after running out of gas.

Bristol Bay Hospital Designated As Trauma Center

The only hospital in the Bristol Bay region is now officially designated as a trauma center.

Herring Fishery Hampered By Weather, Unripe Fish

The largest herring fishery in Alaska has been hampered the last few days by weather and unripe fish.

Murkowski Scores Additional Funding For Veterans

Alaska’s Senior U.S. Senator was successful inserting additional funding for veterans in legislation being considered in the Senate on Tuesday.

Bristol Bay Fishermen, Processors Waiting For Herring

The largest herring fishery in Alaska is on hold in Bristol Bay as fishermen and processors wait for the herring to show up.

Finance Committee Meets To Address High Energy Costs

The state Senate’s Finance Committee held a special meeting late last week to take another look at what can be done to address the high energy costs in Alaska.

UA To Get New Super Computer

The University of Alaska system will be getting a new state of the art “Super Computer” in the next couple of months. The computer already has a name, FISH.

Dillingham Voters Approve Nushagak Fishery Annexation, Fish Tax

In Dillingham, the final results are in from Tuesday’s special election and both ballot questions passed. On ballot question 1 voters approved annexing the Nushagak Commercial Fishing District and the Wood River Special Harvest Area into the Dillingham City Limits. On ballot question 2 Dillingham voters have approved imposing a 2.5-percent local fish tax. It’s estimated to bring $700,000 in additional revenue to the City of Dillingham.

Unofficial Election Results Indicate Approval Of Nome Annexation Of Nushagak Fishery

The margins are slim and there are still votes to count but it looks like Dillingham residents have approved Proposition One to annex the local Nushagak commercial fishing district into the city limits and also approved the second proposition to impose a 2.5 percent raw fish tax. Both measures gained about 50 more votes in favor than those opposed. But, the final results won’t be known till tomorrow.

Campaign Aims To Defeat Dillingham Annexation Effort

The largest campaign in the history of Dillingham has been geared toward defeating a long discussed annexation effort by the city.

Rural Hazardous Waste Problems

How do you dispose of hazardous waste in rural Alaska? At least some of the answers were given during a large science conference held last week in Dillingham.

Native Village of Ekuk Releases Study of Using a Fish Tax to Finance a Borough in Bristol Bay Area

A tribal organization in the Bristol Bay area has released a new study on the idea of forming a borough. Boroughs have been rejected in the past, and the city of Dillingham is...

Polling Data Gauging Legislative Issue Importance Released

The Majority Caucus in the Alaska House of Representatives has released some new polling data that seeks to gauge the importance of issues being addressed by the Legislature.

AVO Makes Detailed Observations Of Iliamna Volcano

The Alaska Volcano Observatory has been able to make some detailed observations of the Iliamna Volcano on the West side of Cook Inlet. In recent months the volcano has had elevated levels of earthquake activity.

Iliamna Volcano Experiences Increased Earthquake Activity

There has been some increased earthquake activity at the Iliamna Volcano and the Alaska Volcano Observatory is investigating.

Bill Could Allow Legislature To Approve, Deny Pebble Mine

The Alaska Legislature has been wary of getting involved in the debate about the controversial Pebble Mine for a number of reasons. However, a bill under consideration would basically give the Legislature the power to approve or deny the mine because it could impact the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve created by the Legislature in 1972.

9 Percent Of Alaskans Living Below Poverty Line

Recent data from the U.S. Census shows that over 9-percent of Alaskans live below the poverty line.

False Pass, Atka Processing Plants to Expand

The CEO of the Community Development Quota group for the Aleutian Islands Region says there will be major expansion at processing plants in False Pass and Atka. Mike Mason tells us that Larry Cotter announced the plan at the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference economic summit recently.

Pebble Limited Partnership Releasing Research

This week the Pebble Limited Partnership is releasing more than 20,000 pages of research they commissioned and paid for. Since 2004, more than 40 firms have been gathering data in and around the area envisioned for the controversial Pebble Mine.