Michelle Theriault Boots, Anchorage Daily News

Michelle Theriault Boots, Anchorage Daily News

4 unsheltered people died outside in Anchorage in the past week. 2 of them were in wheelchairs.

Hundreds of people have been living unsheltered in Anchorage since the Sullivan Arena shelter closed in the spring.
tents along the sidewalk

Anchorage outdoor deaths surge to a record since closure of Sullivan Arena shelter

Twenty-nine people believed to be homeless have died in the city so far in 2023, including six in a four-day period in July.
a large building surrounded by snowy treees

‘I watched it rapidly turn into absolute chaos’: Inside the deepening dysfunction at North Star psychiatric hospital

Former workers say understaffing and decisions by management pushed the private psychiatric hospital — the only one in Alaska that serves children — to the brink of disaster.