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New Anchorage airline aims to bring year-round tourism to Alaska

Northern Pacific Airways plans to offer flights from Japan and Korea to the Lower 48 with a layover in Anchorage, starting next spring.
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Alaska renewable energy advocate expects green bank bill to pass next session

The bill stalled in the legislature this year, but Chris Rose of REAP says it and a bill mandating increased clean energy use both have strong support from lawmakers.
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Ukrainian entrepreneurs start anew as refugees in Anchorage

A training program graduated 11 Ukrainian refugees this week, helping the new arrivals learn the ropes of business in Alaska.
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In an effort to protect mail carriers, the USPS is promoting pet safety

Alaska only accounted for 8 of 5,300 national dog attacks last year, but the Postal Service says even one bite is too many.
The Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska facility

Alaska’s natural gas shortage: How did we get here and what comes next?

Southcentral Alaska is facing a looming energy crisis as natural gas contracts are set to run out. Utilities aren’t sure how to replace it, but foreign imports seem likely.
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Anchorage now has the third busiest cargo airport in the world, with plans for growth

Geographic advantage helped Anchorage's airport claim its new title. To keep growing, it needs to market the shape of the Earth.
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Statewide income in Alaska grew twice as fast as the U.S. last year, mostly because of PFDs

The state still has fewer jobs than pre-pandemic, but the job market is historically strong and inflation is beginning to ease.
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Two Native-led green banks are starting up in Alaska

The Valdez Native Tribe and Spruce Root are both establishing lending institutions to fund renewable energy and environmental infrastructure.
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Juneau is bracing for its busiest cruise season ever

Alaska's capital city is expecting 1.5 million tourists this summer, 30% more than pre-pandemic levels.
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A small but growing group of EV owners in Alaska show electric cars can work in the frigid north

Amid a federal push to limit vehicle emissions, there is a small but fast growing community of electric car owners in Alaska. Drivers say modern EVs can handle the winter conditions just fine.
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Reminder, Alaska: PFD applications are due Friday

The state’s online PFD application will be available until 11:59 p.m. on Friday.
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APU professor finds when it comes to salary, majors matter more than colleges

Professor Dale Lehman built a model to analyze how much colleges contribute to their graduates’ earning potential. His conclusion? Not much.
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Alaskans owe less tax than expected for their PFDs because of energy relief payment

The $662 energy relief portion of the payout is not subject to federal taxes, according to a recent IRS announcement.

Alaska tourism threatened as iconic glaciers melt away

As the world’s glaciers retreat, so does the outlook for the Alaska tourism sector. But the pace of that retreat is still in human hands.

Mat-Su Health Foundation receives $15 million from Mackenzie Scott to support local initiatives

The donation was the largest of several unrestricted gifts sent to Alaska organizations from philanthropist Mackenzie Scott, who was once married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Ways to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Anchorage

Events honoring the civil-rights leader include concerts, free legal service and a Hoops4Unity basketball event.

Alaska is getting a new tallest building — an upgraded air traffic control tower

The new control tower at the Anchorage airport will stand at 306 feet, 10 feet higher than the ConocoPhillips building.
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A refugee-led co-op in Anchorage provides work experience, with flavor

The FIG program’s Global Spice Blends has grown in popularity, providing job opportunities and community building for recently resettled refugees.
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Alaska routinely skimps on wildfire response budget, study finds

Researchers found that wildfire-prone states like Alaska were obscuring the true costs of fires, creating an added challenge to budgeting for mitigation and prevention.

Alaska Energy Authority invests $4.9M in state’s largest solar farm

The 8.5-megawatt project is set to power 1,400 homes in the Mat-Su Borough starting next year.