Mary Auld, KUAC - Fairbanks

Mary Auld, KUAC - Fairbanks

From a fossilized tusk, UAF researchers unravel the story of Kik the woolly mammoth

The scientists found clues about Kik’s life in the isotopes in the fossil.
Two big wooly bison in the grass.

Alaska biologists say wood bison reintroduced to the wild are thriving

State biologists completed an annual survey of the Innoko-Yukon River wood bison population earlier this summer, and they say the results show the animals are doing well six years after a seed group of bison was released in the area.

California company parachutes packages into rural Alaska communities

A California-based technology company successfully dropped supplies from airplanes into remote towns and government facilities in rural Alaska this summer. It was the first time a private company delivered supplies that way.
A hibernating arctic squirrel

If ground squirrels can hole up for months without starving or losing muscle, why can’t we?

A new study from the University of Alaska Fairbanks uncovers how arctic ground squirrels recycle nutrients to stay healthy during their long hibernations.
A bison eats from teh snow covered ground

Wood bison reintroduced in Southwest Alaska see another year of loss, but with a silver lining

But biologists note that the decline wasn't as bad as in previous year's, which they hope shows that the population is adapting to their new home.
A beige blocky building with a parking lot in front and a half dozen flags

University of Alaska Fairbanks invests in competitive gaming for students

The university hired a Esports coordinator this summer.