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Supporters wave signs on a bridge on a sunny day. Many are wearing tie dyed shirts and rainbow colors.

Alaska denied Permanent Fund dividends to gay couples despite court rulings

The Permanent Fund Division denied dividends to same-sex spouses and dependents of military members stationed in other states for five years after same-sex marriage was legalized in 2014.
A crashed helicopter on an ice field

NTSB: Helicopter slammed into mountainside, tumbled nearly 1000 feet in fatal crash near Knik Glacier

The National Transportation Safety Board released more details Monday about the fatal crash near Palmer.
A crashed helicopter on an ice field

Richest Czech man among 5 killed in Knik Glacier helicopter crash

56-year-old Petr Kellner had assets estimated at $17 billion and was a frequent guest at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, a high-end backcountry lodge the contracted the helicopter that crashed.
A musher sleds below a spruce tree covered mountain. Dogs are in orange vests

ExxonMobil drops sponsorship of Iditarod

The move came after ExxonMobil, which has been a race sponsor since 1978, received pressure from one its shareholders and the race’s biggest critic, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
A masked man carries a box on a snoowy ground from his helicopter

Pandemic prompts scaled back Christmas tradition in Alaska

The Alaska National Guard's annual tradition of delivering presents to kids in remote villages around Alaska still took place, despite pandemic-related changes.
Political Candidate Alyse Galvin smiles at the camera in front of trees

Challenger says Don Young is ducking debates

The two candidates vying for Alaska's House seat will meet twice, but Alyse Galvin says Don Young declined four other events.