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a woman organizing supplies

‘People are suffering’: Food stamp woes worsen Alaska hunger

Around 13% of Alaskans received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits in July, before the troubles began.
a moose in a medical facility

What drew this moose into an Anchorage hospital? Office plants.

There’s “never a dull moment here at the hospital," said director of security Randy Hughes.
Little Diomede

660-mile rescue flight to reach pregnant woman highlights Alaska’s unique challenges

The Alaska Air National Guard this week traveled nearly 660 miles to rescue a pregnant woman on a small island 2 miles from Russia.

Alaska Natives rescued Navy crew in 1955. Their medals have arrived.

The 16 men were honored with Alaska Heroism Medals, recognizing their rescue of crew from a plane shot down by Soviet fighters 67 years ago.
A white polar bear seems to sniff for a scent on the wind as it stands on gravel near a shoreline.

‘Just horrific’: Fatal polar bear mauling happened during storm

Officials say the polar bear killed a mother and her 1-year-old boy as she walked about 150 yards from the local school to health clinic in Wales.

Santa visit brings joy to a frosty Alaska Inupiat village

Santa and Mrs. Claus left Rudolph at home to catch a ride recently on an Alaska Air National Guard cargo plane to visit the Inupiat village of Nuiqsut.
St. Lawrence Island

Alaska asylum seekers are Indigenous Siberians from Russia

“These individuals were in fear, so much in fear of their own government that they risked their lives and took a 15-foot skiff across those open waters,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski said.
A white man speaks at a podium

Ex-Alaska attorney general pleads not guilty to sexual abuse

The allegations date back to when Ed Sniffen was 27 and served as the coach of a then 17-year-old girl’s mock trial competition team at an Anchorage high school.
A fence around a building

Efforts fail to save Anchorage’s historic 4th Avenue Theatre from demolition

Anchorage entrepreneur Austin “Cap” Lathrop opened the 4th Avenue Theatre, with nearly 1,000 seats, on May 31, 1947, with a showing of “The Jolson Story.”
a plane drops water on a wildfire that tops trees

Alaska is experiencing wildfires like it’s never seen before

Already more than 530 wildfires have burned an area the size of Connecticut and the usual worst of the fire season lays ahead.
a crowd of people stand outside, mostly wearing red white and blue

Anchorage police interaction with woman wielding ‘white privilege card’ prompts investigation

An investigation has been launched after a person believed to be an Anchorage police officer was shown in a photo with a woman in town for a Donald Trump rally flashing a novelty “white privilege card.”
water erupts from a whale's blow hole in the ocean

US agency to study expanding critical habitat in Alaska for rare North Pacific right whales

The extended habitat would overlap with productive fishing areas and high-volume marine transit routes, NOAA Fisheries said, but it also coincides with visual sightings and acoustic data of the large whales.
a portrait of a woman

Alaska Supreme Court ruling keeps Sweeney off House ballot

The Alaska Supreme Court on Saturday upheld a lower court’s ruling that will keep Republican Tara Sweeney off the ballot for the August special election in Alaska’s U.S. House race.
Three people standing and kneeling around a pink ocean drone on a research vessel

An ocean first: Underwater drone tracks CO2 in Alaska gulf

The research could be a major step forward in ocean greenhouse gas monitoring.
a crashed plane

4 injured in plane crash near Yakutat

The plane crashed while attempting to land on a remote airstrip lined by trees.
water and mountains

Former President Jimmy Carter asks court to defend Alaska’s ‘unrivaled wilderness’

Carter filed an amicus brief in the longstanding legal dispute over efforts to build a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.
A tall snowy mountain, its peak peaking out through the clouds.

Rangers locate climber’s body on Denali

Rimml likely fell on the steep traverse between Denali Pass at 18,200 feet and the 17,200-foot plateau, a notoriously treacherous stretch of the West Buttress route
An outdoor sign reads: James M. Fitzgerald United States Courthouse & Federal Buildling

Jury convicts Alaska Nazi prison gang members in grim death

The gang operated inside and outside Alaska prisons.
a volcano

Earthquakes recorded near Alaska volcano dormant 800 years

Hundreds of small earthquakes have been reported near a volcano in Southeast Alaska believed to have been dormant for at least 800 years.
A white woman in a blue blouse speaks in front of a podium in front of several other men

Kelly Tshibaka, backed by Trump, officially files for Senate run

Trump has said he would campaign for Tshibaka after vowing revenge against Murkowski, who voted to convict him in his second impeachment trial.