Marissa Krupa


Marissa Krupa is a 30-something Chicago native, and graduate of Colorado College. She rode the hi-tech gravy train in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years, then was transformed by the courageous battle her mother and brother fought with cancer.  In a bold move, she left her office job to build a community of hope based on the transformation of others who have faced a life challenge.

She likes rock climbing, riding motorcycles, telemark skiing, reading & creative writing. Marissa is passionate about spending time with family & friends, and making sure her lifestyle leaves plenty of space for that. Marissa believes in living simply and only purchasing what you need, which helps keep a check on her high-heel shoe addiction.

She is deeply grateful to her parents for getting her in the outdoors at an early age; her greatest triumphs over her deepest fears have occurred in nature. Marissa is currently traveling in Western Alaska for The SpokenCoast project.

The SpokenCoast: Kotzebue and Point Hope

Blogger Marissa Krupa, creator of The SpokenCoast project, has travelled to Alaska as part of her tour documenting the stories of people in communities along the Pacific Coast - from Chile to Alaska. She recently submitted the following videos, shot in Kotzebue and Point Hope. Take a look... See the videos.