Margaret Friedenauer, KHNS - Haines

Margaret Friedenauer, KHNS - Haines

State Shutdown Could Mean ‘Conservative’ Fishing Season

With a partial government shutdown looming, state agencies are making plans for what services might be reduced without a budget deal by July 1. But salmon don’t care about budgets and money. The fish are coming to Alaska waters whether or not the Alaska Department of Fish & Game has its usual resources to manage them. Download Audio:

Haines wants to waive dock fees to lure more cruise ships. But will it work?

Haines has the lowest cruise ship docking fee of any Southeast port. The Haines Borough thinks waiving that fee could lure even more ships here. Economists say it’s hard to know if that strategy will work. But industry officials say it could open the door for more ships to take a look at Haines as a destination.

Skier Injured in Avalanche Near Haines

A skier who was testing slopes near Haines for an international ski competition this weekend was injured in an avalanche Wednesday morning, according to state troopers. The person is alive but did not have any information about their identity or condition, according to Trooper spokesperson Megan Peters. The victim was partially buried by the avalanche and was able to be found quickly, she said. The skier was being treated at the Haines clinic.

Tlingit Masks On ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Draw Questions From Southeast Alaska

A recent episode of the popular PBS show “Antiques Roadshow” caught the attention of some Southeast residents when a couple of 200-year-old Tlingit masks from Haines appeared on screen. Download Audio

High Winds, Low Temperatures Cut Through Southeast Alaska

A strong and freezing cold wind cut through Haines and Skagway on Thursday and Friday. Gusts reached up to 100 miles per hour. And with temperatures in the single digits, the wind chill was at least 20 below. Download Audio

Heavy Rains Prompt Landslide Warning

While it’s raining in most of Southeast today, there’s another large, warm and wet weather system just offshore, waiting to plow into the region. It’s expected to bring heavy rainfall and high winds through the week.

AK: Puppet Town (Archive)

Haines seems like a quintessential Southeast Alaska town. There are eagles, bears, salmon, big mountains and rough water. It’s a picture-book no stoplight, no movie theater, low crime type of community. But there’s a seedier and eclectic side of Haines that emerged late this winter: the underground puppet scene. Download Audio

Alaska Marine Highway Prices To Rise Next Summer

It will cost passengers more to ride the state ferry starting in the summer. That’s when fares for most Alaska Marine Highway will increase by 4.5 percent. Download Audio

Alaska Power Company Customers Will See 11 Percent Rate Hike

Thousands of rural Alaskans will see their power bills go up after the first of the year. That’s because the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, or RCA, approved an 11 percent rate increase last week for Alaska Power Company customers. That’s lower than the hike the company asked for. But it’s still more than many residents in Southeast and the Interior say they can afford. Download Audio

Fishermen Debate Merits of Possible Southeast Mine

A Canadian company is exploring copper and zinc deposits at the Palmer Project site north of Haines. It’s not even a proposed project yet – but it’s is already dividing the community of Haines. One group having a hard time forming consensus on the issue is the commercial fishing fleet in the Northern Lynn Canal. Download Audio

25-Year-Old Rescued After Fishing Boat Sinks

One man is reported safe after his fishing boat sank in Lynn Canal on Sunday night. Twenty-five-year-old Woody Paul of Haines was rescued by another fishing boat in William Henry Bay north of Juneau after his boat the 36-foot, Kyra Dawn began taking on water and then capsized.

Haines Songwriter Dreams Big, Courts Her Inspiration’s Ear

It’s hard not to dream big among the tall mountains and wild sea in Southeast Alaska – especially in Haines where Christy Tengs serves dreamers and misfits alike in her family’s downtown institution, the Pioneer Bar and Bamboo Room. Even she has a dream – to meet the famous person who has inspired her and propelled her to become a star in her hometown. Download Audio:

Charges Filed In Haines Bear Shootings

Charges were filed against two Haines men for the shooting brown bears recently in cases that highlight the challenges of bear and humans coexisting. Download Audio:

Earthquake Rattles Southeast Alaska, Likely Damaging Communications Network

Mother Nature rattled Northern Southeast this morning with and magnitude 5.9 earthquake and several dozen aftershocks. The quake appeared to have damaged internet and cell service to thousands of Southeast residents. Download Audio

Investigation Continues Into Tourist Train Derailment

An investigation continues into what caused a tourist train to derail along a mountain pass north of Skagway yesterday, injuring 19 passengers. Download Audio

Tourist Train Derails in Skagway; Injuries Minor

A tourist train derailed Wednesday afternoon north of Skagway and initial reports stated some passengers received minor injuries. The White Pass Yukon Railroad runs scenic train tours between Skagway and Carcross, Yukon. Railroad president John Finlayson confirmed the derailment and said the company was still investigating the cause. He said did not want to comment on any injuries while passengers were being treated and evaluated.

Legislation Opens Doors For Medevac Providers

A piece of state legislation passed this spring opened the door for more competition among medevac providers in the state, and one company has taken advantage of that opportunity. Download Audio

Former Haines Police Dispatcher Speaks Out On Alleged Harasser

Gov. Sean Parnell wants the hiring process for state employees examined after it was revealed a former police officer hired with the ferry system has a checkered past. Several people who talked about Jason Joel’s job performance for a previous story did not want to share their identity, including a former Haines Police Dispatcher who alleges Joel harassed her on the job. Now she is speaking out. Download Audio

State Hires Ferry Security Officer With Questionable Past

A former Haines Police officer with a questionable work history was recently hired by the state for a high level security position, but the state is not releasing much information about the hiring process or what it knew about his past. Download Audio

Ferry Workers Approve Strike Authorization

Alaska Marine Highway workers approved a strike authorization this week, meaning the Inlandboatmen’s Union could call for workers to strike within the next month if the union and state can’t agree on a new contract.