Maggie Nelson, KUCB - Unalaska

a plane in Unalaska

Unalaskans hope new regional airline means better local air service

New regional airline Aleutian Airways touched down at Unalaska’s Tom Madsen Airport on Nov. 16., bringing the hope of more stable and affordable air service.
St. Paul

St. Paul government declares emergency in attempt to get ahead of looming crab crash

The recent closure of the Bering Sea snow crab and Bristol Bay red king crab fisheries has some Western Alaska towns taking a hard look at their futures, including St. Paul.
an Unalaska City School District sign

Unalaska school budget drops deeper into red as energy costs rise

Superintendent Jim Wilson presented a budget update to the Unalaska school board that includes a $535,000 anticipated deficit — the biggest he’s seen in his 10 years as the high school principal.
Aleutian Airways aircraft

New regional airline opens bookings for flights to Unalaska

Non-stop flights on Aleutian Airways' Saab 2000 aircraft are set to begin Nov. 16, with two flights per day Monday through Friday.
a Coast Guard cutter captain

Coast Guard captain describes encounter with Chinese, Russian warships off Alaska

The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Kimball and its commander, Capt. Thomas C. D’Arcy, encountered a formation of seven Chinese and Russian warships in the Bering Sea last month.
a coast guardsman watching a ship

Coast Guard spots Chinese and Russian military ships together in Bering Sea

The U.S. Coast Guard says a cutter crew identified seven Chinese and Russian naval vessels, including a Russian Federation Navy destroyer, about 75 miles north of Kiska Island.
a landing plane

Unalaska grasps at solutions to stifling airfare costs

“The cost of an airplane ticket to get out here is attention-getting," Sen. Lisa Murkowski said during an August visit to Unalaska, where one-way tickets to Anchorage cost nearly $1,000.
A man holds a framed photo of George Fox with images of his medals around it.

Unangax̂ soldier honored after decades in an unmarked grave

George Fox is the only known Unangax̂ soldier killed fighting in World War II, or in any war since.
A family photo of a smiling baby

St. Paul toddler laid to rest with his mother after long fight to bring him home

The child, Joshua John Rukovishnikoff, was buried on top of his mother’s grave during a memorial service Saturday.
crab pile

King crab hatcheries could be on Alaska’s horizon as mariculture bill moves past Legislature

House Bill 41 would allow certain nonprofits to pursue mariculture enhancement or restoration projects for species of shellfish — like abalone, razor clams, sea cucumbers and king crab.
Two people standing on the deck of a boat watching three others empty a pot

Unalaska fisherman hopes youth program can revitalize island’s fishery

Unalaska fisherman Dustan Dickerson says the program is one way to get a new generation into the industry.
boats in a harbor

Alaska businesses have until Friday to apply for 2nd round of pandemic relief grants

But that’s only if they didn’t get money during the state’s first series of American Rescue Plan Act grants.

Coast Guard cutter Alex Haley medevacs its 2nd patient in 4 days

A 62-year-old man was hoisted from the 254-foot fish processor Phoenix after he experienced stroke-like symptoms, according to a USCG news release.
A black and white photo of a boy

Historians correct details about Benny Benson’s age and heritage nearly a century after he designed Alaska’s flag

Researchers nd historians discovered that Benny Benson was actually 14 years old when he designed Alaska's state flag.
A Ravn turboprop plane on a runway with mountains behind it

Ravn Alaska takes steps to make FlyCoin a viable cryptocurrency

The regional airline is working to make its reward credits redeemable for hard currency.
An old, monochrome photo showing a fishing station in a small bay

The Pacific cod fishery likely started a decade earlier than previously thought

For a long time, Atlantic cod is what most Americans ate.
An old tape reel labeled with a white sticker

Preserving Aleutian history: collection of 1970s audio reels finds new home online

A collection of audio reels made in the Aleutian region in the 1970s was digitized and will soon be available online through the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
a gray sphere

The eruption near Tonga was so powerful you could hear it in Alaska

How did so many Alaskans hear a sound from so far away? The short answer is that this volcanic blast was so big it traveled thousands of miles.
A view of a runway with mountains and water.

Aleutian Airways delays launch of its service to Unalaska to ‘tighten up’ safety

“We’ve decided that, proactively, we’re going to be putting in place some additional safety mitigations just to further improve our operating margins in Unalaska,” said Aleutian Airways co-owner Kent Craford.
A grave stone lying flat in some grass

Nearly 80 years after his death, Unangax̂ soldier Pvt. George Fox to finally receive burial ceremony in 2022

Fox was born in 1920 on Unga Island, the largest of the Shumagin islands, about 250 miles northeast of Unalaska. Census data shows that he and his mother moved to Unalaska by 1929, and he joined the military when he was about 21 years old, according to Livingston.