Luc Mehl


I grew up in McGrath, live in Anchorage, teach at Alaska Pacific University, and play outside as often as possible. Anchorage has an incredible group of recreation partners; I feel very lucky to be here. I lean on a huge community of friends for trip and gear advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

2013 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic

I joined Josh Mumm, Eben Sargent, and John Sykes for the ~170 mile route from McCarthy to Tok-Cutoff via President’s Chair. We slimmed our packs to 30 lbs each, which included minimal glacier gear. Read more.

Braver, Bigger: Erica Madison

For this video, I caught Erica Madison in preparation for her 5-month, 2000-km, ski traverse from Vancouver, BC to Skagway, AK. This was my product from Carl Crum's 5-day Documentary Workshop, DocShops. Click for more.

Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic, 130 miles, 4 days

Josh Mumm and I were shocked to finish first at the Lakina Bridge. I had calculated that Tyler Johnson, Todd Kasteler, and Danny Powers, the guys on the Tebay route, would be a full 24 hours ahead of us. And after not having seen Roman Dial since day one, I assumed he had found a cleaner route and would be waiting for us at the end. Click for more.

Kuskulana Glacier, South Face of Mt. Blackburn

Josh Mumm, Eben Sargent, John Sykes and I hoped to find a skiable route up the south side of Mt. Blackburn (16390 ft., Wrangell Mountains, Alaska) for a one-week road-to-road climb, March 2012. Shallow snow and huge cracks prevented us from getting up Blackburn, but the landscape, sunset, and northern lights at the Kuskulana-Kennicott pass (10,000 ft.) were spectacular. Click for larger view.

Show Up and Blow Up: The Dixie States

In January 2012, local filmmaker and outdoor adventurer Luc Mehl toured the southern states with Timmy Johnson and Roman Dial and their pack rafts. Click for larger view.

Video: 2011 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic

It featured a blizzard, a foot of fresh snow, over 30 crevasse breaches. This is supposed to be the Summer Classic? Only in Alaska.

Video: Bike/Ski/Raft Denali Traverse

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